I love them; I love them not

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It’s an age old question — is love really forever? You meet, you fall truly, madly (deeply) in love and you’re supposed to live together in harmony forever and ever.  Sure, there might be resentment and disagreements along the way, and there’s gotta be some weeks when you tune out — But you’re always supposed to come back together in the end…right? I’m not so sure.

The first year is always the best — the honeymoon stage. You get to know each other. You laugh and cry.  You count down the minutes until you get to see each other again, and then when it’s time to part, to turn in for the night, you know you won’t be happy until they return.

Year 2 is still special, but somehow you find yourself reminiscing about those first couple of months. Sure it’s funny and those poignant moments are still there, but something’s a little off; something’s not right.  Maybe you’re both getting too comfortable? Maybe you pulled out all the stops last year to ensure your relationship would last to see another?

Year 3 is the worst.  You’re only still in it because you can’t bare to let it go.  You’re there, but you’re not really there. You find yourself not paying attention, too busy scrolling through Twitter or drawing The Hulk in Draw Something. You know you should be listening, watching, but deep down you wish you could just fast forward to the end, let it die a painless death.

I’m talking of course, about the 3-year curse. When certain shows take your world by storm then slowly descend into that black hole of disappointment. It’s been around for ages, that 3-year curse. Dawson’s Creek? I spent 3 long years pretending I understood what that silly gang was talking about. But when Andy went crazy? That’s it, I was done. I then spent 3 more long years belly-down, head-at-the-foot-of-my-bed, feet-up, hands-in-chin, eyes-glued to Seth Cohen.  Plot lines grew thin, Marissa grew weird.  That’s it, I was done. The first season of Grey’s Anatomy? Groundbreaking! Then Denny died and that’s it, I was done. Now find ourselves nearing the end of a 3-year journey with the students at McKinley High, those weirdo Glee kids that showed the world it’s OK to be weirdos. It’s safe to say they took our worlds by storm in season 1, kept the enthusiasm and entertainment up in season 2, but have completely worn us out by season 3.

Of course there are many, many exceptions to this rule. Mad Men is great in season 5, Lost kept us intrigued for 6 and Friends even kept it pretty strong for 10. But there are still those shows that we once held in such high regard, only to completely drop the ball later in the game.  There’s a reason Seinfeld and Sex and the City cut us off while the writing was still sharp.

So I want to know — is it just me who gives up when the going gets tough? Or do you watch a series from beginning to end no matter what? Share your thoughts in the comments and then voice your choice in today’s poll — Which long-running series do you refuse to abandon?

Grey’s Anatomy

The Office



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