Did the President Call?

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As a person who finds a way to reference Seinfeld nearly every day of her life, and as someone who has been known to forcibly push several unsuspecting people while exclaiming “Get out!”, you can imagine my elation when I found out that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was getting her own comedy series on HBO. FINALLY. The entertainment world has come to its senses. The woman is a comedic genius and it’s about time she got her own non-sitcom series on a leading cable network. My DVR and I could not be happier.

I was unable to watch Sunday’s premier episode until last night, and boy was it worth the wait. Talk about being thoroughly entertained. She and her fellow co-stars are perfectly cast, and as a big Arrested Development fan, it’s an extra bonus to be able to watch Julia and Tony Hale (aka “Buster”) work their comedic magic in every scene. And as early adopter of Laura Linney’s The Big C, Reid Scott was also a welcomed (handsome) face. The show’s premise genuinely lends itself to comedy – so much so that I’m surprised nobody came up with the concept sooner. We all know it’s no walk in the park to play second fiddle to the President of the United States, but to see the inner workings of a fictitious day in the life of the Vice President really brings it to life. Watching a pimply intern from the President’s staff condescend to not only her team, but to the VP herself, actually seems plausible – and is inherently funny.

And don’t even get me started on Julia’s delivery. In this first episode alone there were more perfectly delivered lines, facial expressions and even full body gestures than I can count. When she flipped out about the mis-signed card? I was laughing out loud and just kept thinking “The woman is amazing.” She is so convincing that not once did I think about Elaine Benes – which is quite a feat considering I still watch Seinfeld re-runs at least several times a week. And with each blunder or foot-in-mouth moment, I couldn’t help but recall Jason Sudeikis’ Joe Biden parody on SNL – where he nails the actual Vice President’s earnest enthusiasm combined with his, ahem, occasional lack of self awareness – all summed up with one perfect line: “You’ve been Bidened!” Well America, we are now going to be “Meyered” every Sunday night, and I for one cannot wait to see if the President will ever call.

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