We are the Champions

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It’s an exciting time to be a sports fan. The Stanley Cup playoffs are heating up and Lundqvist and the Rangers are in contention; the race is on for the NBA title and LeBron is getting a second chance; baseball is back and Clemens is still on trial for performance enhancing drug use; the NFL draft just wrapped up and the Colts have a new quarterback in Andrew Luck; Nascar is a quarter of the way through their season and Junior fans finally have something to root for. All in all, some pretty exciting stuff and enough to go around for everyone. What, not a sports fan? Couldn’t care less about any of what I just said? OK, let’s make it interesting. Let’s talk about our favorite sports movies of all time.

If we start with Hockey, the discussion starts and ends with a little film called The Cutting Edge. D.B. Sweeney plays Doug Dorsey – a star hockey player left partially blind from a blow to the head on the ice – who comes to meet Kate Mosley – a figure skating ice queen played by Moira Kelly – who is disgusted at the thought of the two of them becoming skating partners and going for an Olympic medal. Not surprisingly enough, a love story ensues complete with one of those classic and amazing 90s work out montages set to “Ride on Time” by Black Box – Spotify it. It’s gold baby!

The honor of the best football movie has to go The Program, for its raw and shocking portrayal of life for a fictional college football team, and for it’s controversial stigma. The previews for the film featured a scene in which the players celebrated their greatness by laying in a straight line down the yellow line of a major highway. Soon after, real life kids starting imitating the scene, resulting in death and serious injuries for the teens. The scene was cut from the movie, but it continues to invoke tremendous emotional reactions as the players struggle with substance abuse and the pressures of the game.

Onto greener pastures, let’s talk about Major League as the best baseball movie of all time. Major League was the movie that showed us who Charlie Sheen was, before Charlie Sheen showed us who Charlie Sheen was. You rooted for the Wild Thing, you laughed at Pedro Cerrano (the Allstate spokesperson) and his religious deity Jo-bu and you hoped Jake Taylor (Tom Berenger) got the girl (Renee Russo). And let’s not forget Wesley Snipes as the fast talking – fast running Willie Mays Hays. It’s a cult classic filled with its fair share of pop-culture one liners. Up your butt, Jo-Bu.

Finally (yes, I have to do a finally here cause I straight up admit I don’t have a basketball movie I like, except for Teen Wolf) let’s talk about Days of Thunder, the best race car movie ever. Tom Cruise plays Cole Trickle (I love that name!) a reckless but good driver who helps his crew chief Robert Duvall win the Daytona 500. It’s the first movie starring Cruise and the former Mrs. Cruise, Nicole Kidman, who later went on to film Far and Away and Eyes Wide Shut together. It’s also the movie that Mr. Cruise first started insisting he shoot many of his own stunts, a feat he still insists upon today. It’s your classic feel good sports tale, where the hero must overcome competition and injury to get the girl and the win.

So now that I’ve gotten you in the mood, tell us which of these classic sports movies is your favorite. And enjoy the season!

The Cutting Edge
The Program
Major League
Days of Thunder

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