The Monday Hustle

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So there I am on a Monday morning sitting on the subway with my blog due in an hour. Even though I had one written and edited, I couldn’t help but stress out and decide last minute to scrap the whole thing. As you can imagine I am now that guy sweating next to you at 8am muttering to himself about the “choice of the people” and something about Mad Men and their suits.  Clearly this is not the ideal way to start a week.

I had written a blog about the Avengers and how comparable super heroes can be to our lives. I went into detail about how each character represented another aspect of our life and that painting yourself green and wearing a tattered shirt to a movie was totally fine. After the greatness of Sunday night television though, it was really hard to sit down and publish that kind of a story. Here is a brief sample in case you interested, “Played by Hugh Jackman in the X-men series, Wolverine was the first character I thought of as someone who I could see myself wanting to be. Here was a hero who could sense danger from miles away and could heal himself within minutes. He’s tough, he’s strong, and he has razor-sharp claws in case someone pissed him off. On the down side though, he lost his memory, his brother is his biggest enemy, and he spends most of his life smoking cigars trying to find out who exactly replaced his bones with metal.” While I admit it was not the worst thing I had ever written, how can I compete with mad men! It’s just that good.

Instead of boring you with a long paragraph on what a good Monday morning blog should be, I have decided to leave you with a very easy poll: Of the following theories on relativity, which would you most enjoy studying? Max Planck’s general theory published in 1906 or Einstein’s study of Mass-energy equivalence? Just kidding.  With my stop quickly approaching I have decided to save the thought provoking questions for another week and leave you with this:  of the following events that happened this weekend which was your favorite?

The Avengers

Eli Manning on SNL

The hats at Kentucky Derby

The Knicks finally winning a playoff game

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