It’s Britney, Betch

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A few months ago, I shared a poem about Lindsay,

She was hosting SNL, and boy were we weary.

We watched, we mocked, we doubted,

And she came, she saw, she pouted.

But who would have guessed, she didn’t do half bad,

She’s on her way up, and still scantily clad.

The move proved a good one, she’s back in the biz,

‘Cause wouldn’tcha know, they cast her as Liz.

Taylor that is, another tabloid fixture,

Beauty, talent and fame; a scary, deadly mixture.


Which brings me to Britney, who’s back on the scene,

X-Factor called and showed her the gr$$n.

She’s judging along with a star-studded panel,

But it’s Britney who’ll keep viewers from changing the channel.

We’ll all tune in to see her in action,

To watch her succeed would be true satisfaction.

We’re rooting for her, we’re all on her side,

We’re ready to go, we’re along for the ride.


But I can’t help thinking, “Oh that poor little girl,”

She looks scared and alone, like she’s going to hurl.

Does she really want to do this, to get up on the stage?

Or would she rather retreat and completely disengage.

She could get out of the limelight, just hang with her boys,

Get away from the noise, and all it destroys.

No more stress, no more glory,

No more bloggers writing stories.

Just a life away, with time to crochet,

It’ll all be alright, it’ll all be okay.

Who am I kidding? I know that’s not ideal,

Many people are riding on Ms. Britney’s appeal.

And the ability to mold her into just what they want,

She’s a puppet, she’s a robot, she’s a September Sweeps stunt.

I’ll still tune in, just to see the reaction,

To the shell of Britney, her skeleton back in action.


What do you think about Britney’s return to TV?

She hasn’t been on since TRL and the Club of Mick-ey.

Do you think she’ll succeed and prove us all wrong?

Or will she crash and burn, sing her final swan song?


Tell us in the comments, and please while your there,

Lighten the mood and tell us your favorite style of Britney’s hair.

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