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Summer is approaching and Hollywood is foaming at the mouth. It’s dripping in aliens, swimming in bad guys, wading through girls next door that are beautiful, work at magazines, have huge NYC apartments and, oh shucks, they just can’t get the guy! Anyhoo, as we filter through all that big-budget goodness, you’ll be surprised to know that there are many films on the horizon that DIDN’T cost $250 million to make and AREN’T based on rainy day board games that seemingly wouldn’t lend themselves to the plot of a movie (we’re lookin’ at you, Don’t Wake Daddy Battleship).  So while you’re creating your own personal movie guide (which we are all known to do), think about adding some of these fine flicks, coming to a multiplex near you:

Mansome: Brought to you by Morgan Spurlock, the man behind Super Size Me and the best fumanchu this side of Wrestlemania 1985, Mansome is a docu-comedy about men’s grooming habits. While the premise sounds a little hairy, welcome cameos from the likes of Zach Galifianikis, Paul Rudd and producers Jason Bateman and Will Arnett move the film along and certainly bring the funny. It’s sweet, informative and tackles a subject that many a fella would rather leave to the ladies. Out now.

Moonrise Kingdom: There’s something about 70s clothing and sepia tone that really revs my engine. Add Edward Norton and a sleepy New England island to the mix and I will just about lose mah damn mind. The latest film from the brilliant Wes Anderson follows a scout master (Norton) leading the hunt for a pair of young lovebirds gone missing. Fire up the mini pretzel machine, I’m ready to go. May 25.

To Rome With Love: It’s about time Woody Allen cast Jesse Eisenberg in a film! And with Allen appearing on screen for the first time since 2006, the combined neurosis of these two will most certainly create a Pop Rocks/Coca-Cola-sized explosion, sure to take out the Coliseum, if not all of Vatican City. Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page and Roberto Benigni also star, along with Penelope Cruz who reteams with Allen to once again make women around the world feel bad about themselves. Does it even matter what this is about? It’s Woody Allen! In Rome! June 22.

Celeste and Jesse Forever: Sundance darling C&J4EVA (see what I did there?) stars Parks and Recreation darling Rashida Jones and SNL darling Andy Samberg as a divorced couple trying to maintain a friendship as they move on and date new people.  Classic story of boy meets girl, boy divorces girl, boy and girl stay friends while shtupping other boys and girls. Bonus points to Jones for co-writing the script. Girl Power! August (date TBD)

With a summer chock full o’ blockbusters (Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, The Expendables 2, The Bourne Legacy, Total Recall) and big-budget comedies (Night Watch, The Campaign, Ted), it’s nice to know we’ve got a few little guys to chose from, should a beach day turn rainy or a lazy Saturday turn into date night.

Voice your choice and tell us which of these low-budge flicks you want to see.

Celeste and Jesse Forever


Moonrise Kingdom

To Rome with Love

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