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My apartment search has officially begun! After spending way too much time in my current residence I decided to hit the craigslist walls and visit as many places as possible on one Sunday.  Williamsburg Brooklyn was my destination and I was not going to stop until I found something I liked. After 5 apartments, 12 prospective tenants, 3 cats, and about 500 different variations of the same tattoo, I realized one thing – It’s gonna take a while.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with NYC, Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a happening locale known for its great bars, restaurants, and of course the setting for the show 2 Broke Girls. The streets are lined with cafes and the energy on a hot Sunday afternoon is incredible.I got off the subway around 11am and began familiarizing myself with the area. I stumbled across a few farmers markets and popped my head into a couple of boutique stores. I was feeling good.

By 11:30 I got to the first apartment and eagerly waited for the tenant to let me in. For some reason I really thought I was about to walk onto the set of Knocked Up and immediately be greeted by guys like Jonah Hill and Jason Segal, and be happily on my way to a fun filled summer. Unfortunately that is the exact opposite of how it went.

About 2 minutes after I called, a man in his mid 20’s greeted me at the door. He wore a sleeveless Christmas sweater, shorts that went about thigh high and he wore combat boots. He showed me his cramped apartment decorated with 90’s memorabilia and assured me that living there would be the best decision I’d ever make. I wasn’t convinced.

Without spending the whole blog on my day I’ll give you a quick rundown of what else I saw. There was a woman who worshipped her Beanie Baby collection, a man who tattooed “the real Zack Morris” on his arm, and another guy who only ate quinoa and tofu. That’s it. Oh, and the sisters who confessed that the third room didn’t exist but I could bounce back in forth between the two empty halves of their beds and only pay half the cable bill. OK, so I was lying about the sisters but meeting all these people made me realize that apartment hunting is not just about the room, but the stranger you have to share it with.

As we know, Hollywood has gone to town on this theme with films from The Coen Brothers’ Barton Fink, to Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester’s The Roommate to Mark Paul Gosselaar’s hilarious performance in Dead Man on Campus. Not to forget to mention great shows like 2 Broke Girls, New Girl and Don’t Trust the B** in Apartment 23, tinsel town is obsessed with the horrifying and or hilarious consequences of moving in with complete strangers.

So while I most likely will never get the opportunity to live with Zooey Deschanel, or have to deal with a sexy B*** like Kristen Ritter, I’m really just hoping I don’t wind up as the guy who: A.  has to die to get his roommates straight As like the one from Dead Man on Campus (Note to self: stay away from NYU Kids) B. gets stuck with a psycho roommate who will try and steal my identity (Probably the combat boot guy), or C. get stuck with a writer like Barton Fink who slowly goes crazy and burns down his hotel.

So wish me luck as I peruse more craigslist ads and take a few minutes to write a few comments below. For this week’s poll, tell us which movie about hilarious and or horrifying roommates is your favorite:

The Roommate

Dead Man on Campus

Knocked Up

The Odd Couple

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