All Good Things Must Come To A…Summer Hiatus

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It’s that time again: time for refreshing your summer wardrobe, getting in shape for bathing suit season, preparing for summer vacations, and of course, saying good-bye to some of your favorite TV shows – in some cases, forever (buh-bye Desperate Housewives) but in most cases, at least until September. It’s finale season, and although we are fortunate enough to have some fun summer TV programming lined up (something that wasn’t quite as common years ago – and I for one cannot wait until Breaking Bad finally starts back up next month!) it’s still tough to lose the habit of checking your DVR to catch up with your favorites, only to find that nothing new has been recorded. Such a disappointment, especially after a long, hard day at work when all you want to do is grab a bite, pour yourself a glass of wine and curl up on the couch for a good couple of hours. No new TV? What ever will I do now? Oh right, I can get lost for a few hours on Facebook, or maybe start watching something on demand (I’ve been meaning to start on The Good Wife for some time now), or maybe even read a book?? Sure, there are always tons of things we can do to fill our time, especially these days where practically everything is accessible anywhere, anytime. Be that as it may, it’s still tough to bid farewell to your favorite TV characters, if even for just a few months. Let’s take a moment to review what I thought were some of the best season finale moments this year so far. If you aren’t caught up with your favorites, you may want to hold off on reading the rest of this until your DVR is cleared out.

Le’ts start with ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. I am probably one of the few people I know who still watches it. Since the show is still on the air, I know many people do tune in, but for some reason, it’s not popular among my group of friends. Either way, no matter how many times Shonda Rhimes throws some sort of insanely unlikely and gratuitously bloody disaster my way, I can’t help but find it to be riveting, edge-of-my-seat kind of drama. I mean, after that poor team of surgeons endured a bomb scare, a mass shooting, a loss of one of their own (poor Georgie), and countless other traumatic events, they end up in a horrific plane crash leaving them stranded, severely injured and potentially dying in an episode that had me grabbing for my tissue box multiple times. And the shock of all shocks, one of my favorite characters is unexpectedly killed off – Lexie Grey, Meredith Grey’s younger sister, gets trapped under an immovable chunk of fuselage and awaits her imminent demise as her body slowly but surely begins to shut down. And the worst of it all? She had just finally come clean with Mark Sloan about her undying love for him! And so, instead of ending up with him, she ends up dying with him, as he helplessly looks on, holding her hand and professing his love for her in return. It is beyond tragic and heart breaking, and I cannot wait to see how the new season will premiere in the fall. I have a feeling all will not end well – while most of them will have to survive in order for the show to go on, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shonda has another shocking twist up her sleeve. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Then, on a happier note, there’s NBC’s Parks & Recreation. I mean, who doesn’t love Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope? She is probably the most likable character on TV these days, and I was beyond thrilled when her whole season of campaigning for the office of City Councilwoman, competing against the brilliantly cast Paul Rudd as her dimwitted opponent Bobby Newport, culminated in her winning the election and finally realizing her childhood dream: to become City Councilwoman of Pawnee, Indiana. And the very best moment of the episode is when Adam Scott‘s Ben Wyatt admits that he had never written a concession speech for Leslie. Come on! So heartwarming. I think I actually said “Awwww” out loud. His faith in her never wavered, no matter how bleak things might have looked. That is true (fictional) love. I can’t wait to see how they are going to weather the next storm of being physically apart while Ben (presumably) takes the job in D.C. That is one TV couple I will continue to root for, no matter how much it shocks me that I’ve grown to actually care about this fictitious little town in the middle of America.

And then of course, there’s AMC’s Mad Men. I mean… what a season!? And while the finale may not have packed quite as much of a punch as the couple of episodes preceding it, it still entertained and left us wondering what Don’s future will hold. The visions of his little brother who had taken his life (in the same way as Lane Pryce, I might add); the chance encounter with Peggy at the movie theater; the hinting at the return to his previous cheating ways; the welcome return of Juliette Binoche as Megan’s mother (especially the poignant dialogue between she and Don in the apartment when Megan passes out drunk). And while there was a little too much woe-is-me Pete Campbell for my taste, it was still a good, solid end to a fantastic season that was well worth the wait. As long as they don’t make us wait another year and half for the next season!

I could go on, but those were among my favorites. Although I did also really enjoy Revenge (is Victoria really dead??), Modern Family (loved the unexpected Gloria pregnancy twist and the brilliant telenovela sequence) and last but not least, Kristin Wiig’s classy and always funny exit from SNL with the help of Mick Jagger. SNL has their work cut out for them to keep me – and countless others, I’m sure –  as engaged next season without her, that’s for sure.

I know I’ve left a few key finales out, so share your thoughts in the comments below! And voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these hit dramas’ season finales was your favorite?

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