Love Means Never Having To Say You’re Suri

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The impossible has happened. And unless you’ve been living in slime for the last 120 hours, you know that Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cruise have called it quits. They’re kaput. Done. Dead. It’s sad when any relationship ends, but when you’ve got two powerhouses in the front seat, it somehow seems more upsetting.  More cameras in their faces, more rumors flying around, more front page photos of their darling daughter prancing around in her lil’ high heels.  So instead of indulging in the mega storm of negativity surrounding the Mission Impossible Man and his unlikely bride, let’s take a look back at the happier times of the glamorous couple:

Oprah’s Couch – After 25 seasons and over 4500 episodes, The Oprah Winfrey Show’s most infamous moment must be Tom Cruise’s May 2005 appearance (aside from the Wagon of Fat, of course). Let me set the scene: Tom and Katie Holmes’ relationship had gone public about a month before this appearance. As any good celebrity does, Tom sat on Oprah’s couch to promote his newest film and ultimately, to introduce his new love to the world. Tom was so excited, he literally jumped for joy all over Miss O’s clean, white couch. The rest is pop culture history.

Viva la Suri – A year after couch-gate and an enviable globe-trotting display of love, Tom and Katie appear on the cover of Vanity Fair with their new baby, a little lady named Suri who was born in April 2006. The world fell in love with her dark hair and big, blue eyes and we still cannot get enough. She’s arguably the most famous celebu-kid out there and can probably take credit for creating the whole celebu-kid thing in the first place. I’d venture to argue that pictures of the world’s 8th wonder her closet would fetch more money than even an exclusive first interview with her newly single mother.

To Rome with Love – With little Suri by their side, Tom and Katie made their love official in a lavish wedding ceremony in Rome in November 2006. Wearing a flowing Giorgio Armani gown and a schoolgirl smile, Katie made us believe that this May-December romance was the real deal. The nups were attended by mayjah A-list stars (J. Lo, Will Smith and Jim Carrey to name a few) and we lucky peasants were treated to the glorious wedding photo to the left, to hang on our bedroom walls as we saw fit.

A-list Status – While Tom has always been America’s (manly) Sweetheart, Katie certainly saw her star rise as her new relationship blossomed.  Sure, we loved Joey Potter as much as the next quick-talking, Spielberg-loving, boy next door, but an American Eagle wardrobe can only get you so far in Hollywood.  So after a string of so-so films (Teaching Mrs. Tingle anyone?) and limited visibility, Katie finally got her due in hits like Batman Begins and Thank You For Smoking.  Even with motherhood taking priority over her career in the last few years, Katie has continued to stay in the public eye with magazine covers, endorsement deals and plenty of paparazzi shots. Oh, and at some point she asked that we call her Kate.

So that’s, that folks — the anatomy of a Hollywood love affair.  While some last (Tom and Rita) and some do not (Kim and Kris), you can bet that no matter what, we Americans will always be along for the ride. So for that, we salute you, Tom and Katie, and wish you the best in all your future endeavors.

Tell us: Which of Katie Holmes’ glamorous red carpet looks is your favorite?

2011 Emmy Awards
MI4: Ghost Protocol Premiere, 2011
2008 Met Gala
2010 Tony Awards

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