Bad to the Bone

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I have a confession to make. I am jealous. Actually, I’m envious. (Look it up – there’s a major difference.) I’m envious of a colleague of mine who was fortunate enough to have been on the short list of invitees for the Breaking Bad season five premiere party last night. Apparently, a friend of his works in sales for AMC – how convenient. Now, believe me, I tried to glom on to his hook up in every way I knew how, but all my attempts were shot down: he already had a “date” going with him; he couldn’t “get me in” as press; he couldn’t call in any favors. He basically said, as he happily skipped out the door after work, “I wish there was something I could do…I’ll let you know how it goes!” To add insult to injury, he has never even watched the show. Give that a moment to sink in. He has NEVER seen it. Yet he was given the distinct privilege of attending a highly exclusive party for arguably the most highly anticipated TV drama premiere in history! Somehow, that didn’t seem fair. But given the situation, I had no choice but to put my personal feelings of rage of envy aside and accept the fact that my role in that very instant was to educate this man before he went to the party and embarrassed himself and everyone around him by not recognizing a single person besides Bryan Cranston. I couldn’t stand the idea of him running into any single one of the amazing cast members and not knowing who they were! (I had a vision of him casually ordering a drink from Anna Gunn.) If I couldn’t be there in his place, I had to at least make sure all his sightings and potential run ins with these tremendously talented actors wouldn’t go to complete waste.

So that was my reality: a superfan of the show, only one person removed – one single person away from actually being an attendee myself. I was so close but yet so far! Literally – so close – that I could see the event taking place from my apartment window. You see, not only was it happening in the heart of Manhattan, but it was taking place at a venue literally five blocks away from my home. I could actually see the rooftop of the swanky new Midtown West hotel where the soiree was taking place. And yes, I did bust out the binoculars to try to catch a glimpse of Bryan, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn or Betsy Brandt, but unfortunately, all I saw were a bunch of suits, much like the one from my office who had left me behind. If that was the guest list, then at least I could take comfort in knowing that I wasn’t missing the hippest party in town by any stretch. I convinced myself that the cast made their obligatory appearance, took some photos by the step and repeat and then bolted out the back door. Fingers crossed (I have not yet gotten the download from him on how it actually went, so I’ll stick to that version until he inevitably shoots it down).

Today is a new day. The party is over and at least I still have the pleasure of knowing that I only have four more days before my beloved show is back on the air. The wait is almost over, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store. Given how brilliantly the last four seasons have unfolded, I have no doubt that we are in for a great ride. If you, much like my colleague, are not yet watching, do yourself a favor and get on it! Yes, there are some gruesome scenes that may take you a while to get over (turtles will never be the same for me again) but it’s a small price to pay for the genius that is this show. It’s time to break bad with the rest of us.

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