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I was reminded this weekend of the many reasons why college, though a place we love and will forever miss, is meant to happen at a certain time in our lives. As old friends stormed my apartment with the agenda of reliving those days in a span of 36 hours, I started to wonder if I was up for the task. Could I successfully go out until 4am multiple days in a row with energy left to go to a day concert? Would I be able to stomach cold pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Could I handle the long arduous days of waking up at the wee hour of 11AM with absolutely nothing planned for the rest of the day? Ok. So I probably could. And yeah this weekend was really not that hard, but I must admit that sleep is much more important now than it was in college.

With my weekend now at a close and my eyes somehow still open, I thought it would be fitting to list some of my favorite reunion movies while I sprinkle in a bit of what happened this weekend. My purpose is not only to entice you to see these movies, but to encourage you to plan your own reunion. No matter how long it has been or how busy your schedule might be, I guarantee that it is worth it.

So let’s jump right into things with one of my favorite movies: A Mighty Wind.

Yes. I know. A Mighty Wind is not about a college reunion, but it is a perfect movie about old friends putting past differences behind them for a meaningful event – a memorial folk concert. Written and Directed by Christopher Guest (Best in Show, For Your Consideration) and starring Eugene Levy, Jane Lynch, and John Michael Higgins, the mockumentary shines as a perfect example of the hilarity that ensues when you bring old friends/enemies back together. While the humor is dry and may take a few viewings to appreciate, the combination of Eugene Levy’s performance as an aging romantic folk singer and Jane Lynch’s performance as a folk singer who worships color makes this a can’t miss movie. The movie is also only an hour and a half, so definitely a quick watch and worth your time.

As an example of how my weekend went relating to music; I mistakenly wandered into a doom metal concert with the lead singer singing his hit song, “In my coffin,” and also almost caught on fire at the 4Knots Festival (I was 10 feet away when the deck caught on flames). Chalk that one up as a great musical reunion.

My second favorite film about reunions is Zack and Miri Make a Porno starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks. The movie focuses on two broke friends who decide to make a porno after hearing how lucrative the business is at their high school reunion. The movie was written by comedic genius Kevin Smith (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, MallRats) and is a wild journey that explains the “dangers” of doing a sex scene with a close friend. I won’t go into detail about this part of my weekend but suffice it say that two of my closest friends got a little closer and the morning after was the most awkward moment any of us have ever experienced. Word of advice: keep your friends close and your most frustrated friends as far away from each other as possible.

Finally, as an example of what can go wrong when you bring old friends together, check out the movie, I Melt with You starring Thomas Jane (Hung, Deep Blue Sea) Jeremy Piven (Entourage), and Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation, The West Wing). Though I could not relate to the movie, it should be a warning to all future reunion planners. Keep the partying to a safe limit and make sure to actually bond with your friends. The real reason you’re together is to catch up on each others lives not to forget your own.

While I’m off to get some much needed shut eye,  please take a moment to share a few of your favorite reunion stories. For today’s poll, voice your choice and tell us your favorite reunion movie:

A Mighty Wind

American Pie: Reunion

I Melt with You

Zack and Miri make a Porno.

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