Stop the Tresses!

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Only seven and a half months into 2012 and we are already have a banner year of hairstyle changes to sort through.  Britney’s extensions are steadily improving and gradually becoming less noticeable, Emma went from blonde to red to blonde again and even Joan Rivers is dabbling in the popular rainbow streak trend. 

What is it about a change-in-mane that makes us go straight to the water cooler? Is it that we love our celebrities just as they are and never, ever want them to change? Is it that we get so bored with our beloved idols that the minute they spruce up their look we take to twitter to complain or praise just so we have something to talk about? Whatever it is, it certainly grabs headlines and people’s attention. So let’s dive deep, shall we? Below is a mid-year wrap up of the biggest hair news thus far:

Miley Cyrus – is BLONDE ya’ll! And girl is lookin’ fierce.  Lucky for us, she took time out of her busy schedule of adopting puppiesdoing pilates and, ok, working on her next album, to visit hair stylist extraordinaire Chris McMillan (of “The Rachel” persuasion) to have her locks lightened and the world peaced. The newly engaged starlet seems to be loving her new ‘do as much as the rest of the world and I couldn’t agree more! I think she looks great as a Betty (of the “and Veronica” persuasion) and I can’t wait to see if she truly has more fun.

Robert Pattinson – R-Pattz unveiled his sexy scalp at none other than the 2012 People’s Choice Awards. The Twilight hunk was on hand to accept the award for Favorite Drama Movie for Water for Elephants, and boy did he show up in style.  Not only was this little lady overcome with excitement about seeing Edward in a new light, it became one of the biggest stories from the 2012 PCAs (Katy divorced who?) and we thank him for it.  Gals were fainting, lads were sweating – there’s nothing like a bald head to get the heart pumping.

Anne Hathaway – She acts! She Sings! She looks adorable in a pixie cut! Thanks to her starring role as Fantine in the upcoming, big-screen version of Les Miserables, Anne (or Princess Annie as I like to call her) whacked her wig right off and caused quite a stir in the tabloids. Her long, shiny tresses were shorn into an adorable short hairdo and Anne proved that you don’t have to hide behind a massive mop to be beautiful.  

Lindsay Lohan – what’s a blog about celebrity modifications without the changiest of them all, Lindsay Lohan? Thankfully, the former Cady Heron took the world’s advice and went back to her natural red after an unfortunately long bout battling the “hay look.” The change came after she successfully didn’t suck on SNL and navigated her way (with only a slight hiccup) through the filming of Liz and Dick, her upcoming Lifetime movie about the life and loves of Elizabeth Taylor.  We’re always pulling for you Lindsay; stay a crimson beauty (and out of trouble) and we smell a successful comeback.

So that’s all, folks! Whether it’s for a role, a life change or just good old-fashioned publicity, we (and the tabloids) thank the Hollywood elite for their ever-rotating coifs.

With that in mind, we’d love to know — Who do you think pulls off the rainbow streak trend best?

Selena Gomez

Chloe Moretz

Jordin Sparks 

Joan Rivers

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