Another New York City Disaster? What a surprise…

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New York is the perfect place for disasters to strike whether big or small. No less common than a subway closing on your face is an alien invasion, a natural disaster or a lost love. Though the city houses some of the most powerful super heroes, it never seems to avoid the wrath of  Hollywood writing staffs. This summer alone has kept construction teams working all night long. In less than a few months we have had an alien invasion (The Avengers), an attack by an army of terrorists (The Dark Knight Rises), and a giant lizard use our stunning buildings as his own personal playground (The Amazing Spiderman). The result of such destruction has lead to chaos in the streets and an all out rebellion against the city government. With another disaster just abated with the release of The Bourne Legacy, I figured it would be a perfect chance to play a guessing game called “guess the movie that destroyed that city monument.”

The game is simple. I name the actors and the destroyed city monument, and you tell me which movie and villain are to blame. Don’t cheat and use Wikipedia (Yep, there is an entire section on movies that have destroyed New York) but take a second after each clue to really think about which movie I’m talking about. Ready?

Let’s begin.

Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Randy Quaid. The Empire State Building. So this one is easy but you cannot talk about New York disaster movies without bringing it up. Do you know it yet? Are you worried about your lingering summer cold a bit more now? Well the answer is Independence Day and the culprit of the destruction of the beautiful Empire State Building is of course aliens. The movie was an instant classic and became the benchmark for a good action movie. Because of its success, and the launching of Will Smith onto the A-list, writers around the globe were given the green light to hold nothing back on my city. As such, I would like to take a moment right now to thank every fan for coming to see this movie. Because of you, there have been 40 movies since its release dedicated to the destruction of New York. Thanks, guys.

So that was an easy one but let’s see how good your movie knowledge really is. Ben Burtt, Elissa Knight, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard. The monument destroyed: New York City in its entirety. Any guesses? Is your mind filled with clutter? Need a second clue? how about…the film was animated and the main character only repeated his first name….

Drawing a blank still?

The movie is Wall-E, and the human race was to blame for the destruction of New York this time. Instead destroying the big apple with explosions and lasers, the writers decided to dump a whole lot of garbage on my beautiful city. The result was a great message and a heartwarming movie between two lonely robots living in a filthy world. While I cannot say that the writers needed to reach so far to decide to destroy New York with garbage, it was definitely a clever way to tell every resident to get their act together. Wall-E is a great movie for all ages and I recommend it to anyone looking for a child friendly destruction movie.

I hope you enjoyed the intro round but here comes rapid round two. Can you handle it? Ready…and go:

Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton. The monuments: Grand Central Station, The Chrysler Building and the Art Deco Building. The culprit: A giant meteor shower. The movie: Armageddon of course.

Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz. The monuments: The Five Points (Centre street, Bowery Street, Canal Street, and Park Row). Who’s to blame? Gangs and the US army. The movie: The Oscar nominated epic Gangs of New York.

Are you doing well? How about one more for good measure?

Matthew Broderick, Jean Reno, Mario Pitillo, Hank Zaria. The monuments: The FDR Highway the Fulton Fish Market, and pretty much every major avenue in New York City. The culprit and movie title: Godzilla !!

Well that’s the end of the game. I hope you had fun. I can’t say  I will make it back to see the results since the avenue in front of my building was recently destroyed by Thor but vote on today’s poll anyway.

Which summer action movie set in New York City is your favorite?

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Bourne Legacy

The Avengers


The Dark Knight Rises</i>



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