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I’ve been a really bad pop culture enthusiast as of late. I say this because I just saw the Ferrell/Galifianakis comedy The Campaign and before that, the only movie I can remember seeing in the theater this summer was To Rome with Love. Not exactly the must-see, box-office shattering film of the year. Yep, I’ve missed The Amazing Spiderman, Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises and a slew of others that I know I am supposed to have seen. I hate myself for committing this atrocity and plan to have a very high Pay Per View bill come Fall/Winter as I prepare for the People’s Choice Awards. But leaving the theater this past time, my stomach filled to a happy brim with popcorn and chicken fingers (it was a high class theater), I must admit to being a little disappointed with The Campaign. It definitely had its laugh out loud moments but I expected more from the pairing of these two comic geniuses. I expected what I get anytime I sit down to a movie featuring these famously hysterical pairings:

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson – With a resume that includes such hits as Zoolander, Meet the Parents, Starsky and Hutch and The Royal Tannenbaums, these two A-list actors have definitely found the formula for working together and creating hysterical movies. Their chemistry is undeniable in any kind of situation, but my favorite is the kind when Stiller seems to be the only one in the room who picks up on Wilson’s complete and utter bullshi*t. Behold, a classic line from MTP:
Stiller: “What got you into carpentring?”
Wilson: “Carpentry? I guess I’m gonna have to say Jesus. He was a carpenter and I figure if you are going to follow in someone’s footsteps, might as well be Christ.”

Chris Farley and David Spade – It’s almost sad to think about these two as what inevitably comes to mind is how far and how much more they could have accomplished if we hadn’t lost Farley in 1997. The movies they are known for are Black Sheep and Tommy Boy, movies that weren’t exactly in Oscar contention. But what they did so well was take moments that were so obvious, and actually make them funny! I mean, what do you think is going to happen when you put nitrous oxide boosters in a police car? The inside of the car will inevitably leak causing the passenger and driver to become ridiculously stoned, right? You almost have to roll your eyes at the simplicity and predictive nature of it, but then these two come in and make the scene all their own. Here’s one of my favorite lines from Black Sheep:
Police Officer: Do you have any idea how fast you were going?
Farley: I’d say about 65 tops.
Police Office: Seven. Seven miles per hour. And normally when I pull people over, they pull onto the shoulder!

Cheech and Chong – Ah, the original Harold and Kumar. Tommy Chong once equated his relationship with Cheech Marin to that of a husband and wife, just with no sex. These two were as close as you get, performing in comedy shows and movies alike in the 70s, 80s and 90s until they went their separate ways. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the better part of this century you would know the duo was notoriously famous for comedy that had anything and everything to do with marijuana, hence the titles of their films Up in Smoke, Still Smokin and Far Out Man. It’s been a challenge for me the past 15 minutes to come up with a good, blog appropriate quote from one of their movies so I will treat you to this little nugget:
Border Guard: “So, how long you’ve been in Mexico?”
Cheech: “A week. I mean a day.”
Border Guard: “Well, which is it? A week or a day?”
Cheech: “A weekday.”

Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider – Making this pairing a little different from the others on the list, I’d have to say that Schneider definitely plays more of a side-kick role to Adam’s lead most of the time. But the fact that these two have been in almost 20 movies together means they are doing something right! Some of my favorites include 50 First Dates, Big Daddy and The Waterboy. Schneider always seems to offer just the right about amount comic relief, even if it comes in the most simplistic form, as in Big Daddy where he plays a deli delivery guy. And I love that you can tell – either from their chemistry or from the paparazzi photos of them hanging at Lakers games together – that they are genuine friends. Heck, when Adam won a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Actor a few years ago, he invited Schneider (and Spade!) on stage to accept with him for all their work on Grown Ups. Classy. Here is a favorite line from 50 First Date.
Schneider: “Really? Even though in 10-15 years she could possibly let herself go and then sex would be like, nauseating, for you?”
Sandler: “What, are you nuts? Your wife’s right over there.”
Schneider: “I’m just kidding, Muumuu!”

So do you agree with my list of favorite comedic pairings? Which one is your favorite?
Stiller and Wilson
Farley and Spade
Cheech and Chong
Sandler and Schneider

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