The14 Year Old Inside of Me is Bursting Out

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Music has a way of transporting you back to moments in your life that you thought you forgot. Whether its the opening beat of the song from your first prom or the chorus of a song your dad played on the way to the beach, songs can bring back a flood of memories at the most random times. This past Saturday night I wandered into a Dashboard Confessional concert and boy did the memories hit me hard.

            Living across the street from a music hall, I get the opportunity to hear new bands on a pretty regular basis, but rarely do artists I grew up listening to come to the venue. Stepping to the railing of the two story concert hall was like a dream come true. Until that show I had never seen them live and always thought I would never get the chance.  I brushed passed a few people not realizing that I was probably pushing them hard but I needed to get to the front – I was not going to be relegated to the back for this one. Maybe I was in a trance but it honestly felt like they were waiting for me to begin an acoustic rendition of “Screaming Infidelities.”  The fourteen year old inside of me started to scream.

            Though I have no right to sing aloud in front of people I belted out in “perfect” harmony the words that I’ve known since the first time I heard the song sitting on a bus next to my ex-girlfriend riding through the streets of Paris. I have to say for many years that song only brought back painful memoriesbut this time it was all joy and I rode the musical high all night.

            I came in late so I only got a chance to hear the last 4 songs but, like I said, the set was meant for me. “Screaming Infidelities,” “As Lovers Go,” “Saints and Sailors” and “Hands Down” as the encore. Pure happiness.

            Now you readers may not appreciate the meaning of those songs, but each one represented a different part of my childhood from the happiest moments to the saddest. I won’t bore you with the details but I ask you this: Which songs would make your inner 14-year-old come out?

The Offspring’s “Americana,” otherwise known as my first air guitar album, would definitely be high on my list.

Similar to Dashboard, I was introduced to The Offspring over the summer – In this case, the summer when I was 12.  The Offspring immediately became a staple of my childhood music collection after hearing the album for the first time. If you walked into my room or bunk around that time you would most likely find me strumming the air and screaming “Falling” at the top my lungs. I realize now that most of the album was pretty depressing but I was 12 and all I knew was that the The Offspring could rock! Sadly, the two times I tried to see them live something went wrong and the shows were cancelled, but if Saturday night was a sign I still might be in luck.

            Another artist that brings out my inner 14 year old is The Grateful Dead. While I did not grow up in their generation, my dad was a bit of a “Dead Head” so I have been listening to them my entire life. The song that takes me back the most, apart from “Truckin” (the perfect road trip song) or “Casey Jones,” is “Uncle John’s Band. “ The first time I heard the song I must have been really young because I misheard the lyrics and thought it had something to do with jumping on Uncle John’s Bed by the riverside. I remember riding in the car with my dad laughing and giggling every time the chorus played. Still to this day if I’m with my dad, I sing the wrong lyrics just to bring a huge smile to his face and watch as his inner 14 year old shines through.  

You know what question I am going to ask, so hear it goes. For today’s poll tell us which band brings out your inner 14 year old?


Dashboard Confessional


Michael Jackson

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