Who are you tv dating this fall?

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Farewell Newsroom. Our love/hate relationship is going on hiatus and boy has it been a ride. You hooked me on our first date with the wonderful premiere, lost me on our second and have had me teetering on the edge of desertion every week since. I love how you gave me in depth research and Olivia Munn, but hate you for forcing drama and trying to make fake stories like Big Foot and TMI interesting. We had our moments, but in the end your clichés (Sorkinisms) and perfect coincidences were too much for me. So while I say good-bye to you, Olivia Munn (sad face), Allyson Pill (don’t let the door hit you on your way out), Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer (I’ll miss you both a little bit), I happily welcome some new/returning faces into my life.

Michael C. Hall a.k.a Dexter a.k.a the coolest killer from south beach, welcome back! I cannot wait for you to slice and dice my heart with each adrenaline-pumping episode like you have been doing since we met  six seasons ago. Like any good relationship we have gone through some hard times (season 5) but we have made it through with a smile. I feel bad that you lost your friend, Brother Sam (Mos Def) last season but as a fan, I promise to see you through it. I am eager to find out how you deal with Deb seeing you kill Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks) last season, and cannot wait to meet your next enemy. But sadly, since you are only coming back to me on the 30th of September, keep the phone unplugged because I won’t be calling for a while.

In fact, before I even think of calling you Dexter, I already have two dates on Tuesday, September 11th: The New Normal and Go On.

Fresh off from a Tony Award Nomination for Best Leading Actor in The Book of Morman and a brief stint on HBO’s Girls, Andrew Rannells is set to break into the network TV world. Acting in a lead role with Justin Bartha (The Hangover) and Ellen Barkin (Before Women Had Wings), Rannells is primed to fill in my lonely Tuesday nights with comedy and hopefully some song. I cannot say how much time I will spend with this TV newbie but just in case it bombs, I have another hopeful who I have spent many years with.

Do you know who it is? Can you guess who I will be TV dating on Tuesdays at 9pm? Is it Phoebe Buffay? Is it Rachel Green? Is it Ross Geller? Nope! Bing Bing Bing its Chandler Bing. Well, Matthew Perry at least.

Taking sports talk into primetime, you Matthew Perry, have me pretty excited for the fall. It’s not Friends but your new show Go On looks much funnier than Mr. Sunshine ever did. It has an interesting, Community-like premise and a strong supporting cast with the likes of John Cho (The titular Harold in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) and Brett Gelman (a promising comedian with credits like 30 Minutes or Less and The Other Guys to his name). While Perry’s post-Friends track record is definitely spotty at best, Go On is looking like his most promising project yet. I don’t think I’m alone when I say, “Could I BE more excited for this show?”

So there you have it. My fall TV dating calendar. What is yours looking like?

For today’s poll, tell us which fall TV show you are most excited to watch.


Go On

Sons of Anarchy

The New Normal

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