How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

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Last night I found myself glued to my boob tube (do people still call it that?) watching some much anticipated programming, including the premiere of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire (thank goodness for my trusty DVR) followed by the second episode of the new season of NBC’s Parenthood, followed by a healthy dose of my go-to source for the news, The Daily Show (I am in love with Jon Stewart’s mind.) And although I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to close my eyes, I waited up to see President Obama’s appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman. Our offices literally overlook the back entrance to Letterman’s studio, so we all witnessed the president’s highly involved arrival and departure, including countless Escalades, sand trucks (to block all through traffic), a tent constructed around the studio entrance to keep the President out of anyone’s line of sight, and last but not least, six sniper shooters positioned on the rooftops of various buildings nearby. Two of the sharp shooters were literally 10 yards away from our office windows- pretty cool, right?

Anyway, my point is, somehow I spent somewhere between 3 and 4 hours watching TV last night and when I thought about this morning, I was appalled. And yet, I wasn’t sure which of the shows I would have skipped- I mean, I did swear at the end of last season that I would no longer watch Boardwalk since they had killed off my favorite character (I’m still lamenting that fact). Yet during the opening sequence I was lured right back in to see what shenanigans Nucky Thompson and his motley crue of mobsters were up to these days. And anyone who knows me can tell you that not watching Parenthood is simply an impossibility for me. So, in the end, perhaps I should have just called it a night as I sobbed through the end of the hit family drama and waited til this morning to watch highlights of the President’s informal chat with Letterman. And to be honest, as much as I support him, he was certainly not his most articulate self and I could tell this campaign has really taken a toll on him. I wish we could just let the man get back to work already – but unfortunately it’s too close a race for him to not be out there securing those votes.

So given that we are now in the thick of the fall TV season, I suspect I will have many more of those types of nights and I should probably just embrace it. I mean, I did spend many evenings this past summer not watching a single minute of TV (mostly because there was nothing on… but still!) So, I guess I deserve to indulge a little along with everyone else.

And speaking of TV, as you know, voting has officially kicked off for People’s Choice Awards 2013 where you, the fans, get to choose new categories in movies, music and TV. The potential new TV categories are particularly fun this year, if I may say so myself, because they include things like “Favorite Young Star” – I for one would love nothing more than to see someone like Rico Rodriguez (Manny from Modern Family) take home a crystal trophy!  His one liners on the show are priceless and his awkward maturity coupled with his boyishness are a delight to watch each week.

Then there is the “Favorite Face of Fearlessness” category. No one can argue that Emily Van Camp, the star of ABC’s Revenge is one bad-ass young lady and will stop at nothing to avenge her father’s death. She is beyond fearless, as her many near death encounters have proven, and she is not the only one in TV land this year who would be deserving of the title.

And with several new talk show hosts coming on (or returning to) the scene this year, we would be amiss if we didn’t include the “Favorite New Talk Show Host” category.

Just when you thought JLo and Steven Tyler were a very unusual selection for the American Idol panel, they were only the tip of the iceberg – there is a whole slew of new celebrity faces on reality/competition show panels, so a category begged to be created in their honor.

And lastly, nothing makes for a good TV show like a solid ensemble cast – the ones consisting of actors who naturally fit together and make you connect with and invest in the complexities of their relationships, be they comedic or dramatic. As you well know by now, the cast of Parenthood is one ensemble that I wish existed in reality and, in a perfect world, lived right next door to me. And there are so many others that are deserving of recognition, so if enough of you agree, perhaps that will end up being one of our official categories in TV this year!

Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the dramas that have yet to premiere this season are you most anticipating?


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