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You’ve got one week left to help us decide which new categories to add to the PCAs this year. Have you been voting early and often?

Wednesday this blog explored the potential new TV categories, yesterday we focused on music, and today is all about movies. We’re looking at five possibilities, but only the top vote getter(s) will be officially added to the People’s Choice Awards 2013 ballot. So give this some thought and voice your choice. Here are the options:


Finding Nemo is currently back on the big screen — in 3D, no less — but that movie was originally released in 2003, so Nemo won’t be eligible for the PCAs this year. (I feel like I should apologize to Dory but then I realized that she’d just forget all about it, anyway.) Luckily, plenty of great animated characters appeared in movies released this year. There’s Brave‘s brave Merida and the fearsome foursome of Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. There are the title characters from The Lorax and ParaNorman as well as the Band of Misfits in The Pirates! The fourth installment in the Ice Age franchise, Continental Drift, brought back Ellie, Diego, Sid and Manny, but let the record show that I have a soft spot for Scrat. And although he’s not animated in the traditional sense, was there a more animated character in movies this year than the Seth MacFarlane-voiced Ted? Clearly there will be lots to choose from if Favorite Animated Character makes the short list.


Three of the four highest grossing movies so far this year — The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and The Amazing Spider-Man — are based on comic book characters. Throw in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance and Dredd 3D (which opens today) and you’ve got yourself a nice set of potential nominees for this would-be PCA category. I’m counting on the fanboys and fangirls to throw their weight behind Favorite Comic Book Adaptation.


Strong women have dominated the silver screen this year… and it’s about time! While you may have to scroll down pretty far on the cast list for The Expendables 2 to find anyone with two X chromosomes, you can find fierce females everywhere else. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games and Kristen Stewart in Snow White and the Huntsman make them good girls go bad-ass. Milla Jovovich (Resident Evil: Retribution) and Kate Beckinsale (Underworld: Awakening) have been kicking butt in their respective franchises for the last decade. And Noomi Rapace in Prometheus and Rachel Weisz in The Bourne Legacy toughed it out in the most extreme circumstances. These women are smart, strong and beautiful… we’d be proud to add Favorite Face of Heroism to honor them at this year’s awards show.


They say there’s someone for everyone, and this year’s on-screen romances prove that there are movie couples for every age and taste, too. Twentysomethings will no doubt embrace Emma & Andrew in Spider-man and/or Taylor & Zac in The Lucky One. Thirtysomethings have Channing and Rachel in The Vow (who am I kidding… everyone has Channing in everything) and sixtysomethings have Tommy Lee and Meryl in Hope Springs. Do you want to celebrate your favorite movie couples? Be sure to click the box for Favorite On-Screen Romance.

Favorite VILLAIN

Isn’t it time we celebrate the ones we love to hate, the evil forces that give our heroes a reason to get out there and fight? Adding Favorite Villain to the ballot could result in a People’s Choice Award for someone like Tom Hiddleston as Loki in The Avengers, Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, Donald Sutherland as President Snow in The Hunger Games, Eva Green as Angelique Bouchard in Dark Shadows or Jermain Clement as Boris the Animal in Men in Black 3. C’mon… show ’em some PCA love! They’re certainly not getting any love in their movies.

And don’t forget our write-in vote for which movie star has given back the most to local communities. Do you admire Sandra Bullock for rebuilding a school destroyed by Katrina, Matthew McConaughey for his work with the Just Keep Living Foundation, or some other movie star for some other great work that we might not even know about it? All write-ins will be considered for a special award at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

Why are you still reading this blog when you should be voting for new categories? Get clicking! We’ll announce ALL the official categories — including the new ones your votes will add to the ballot — on October 23rd. At that point we’ll ask you to start narrowing down the nominees to determine the five finalists in each category. Your work is just beginning!

TODAY’S POLL:  Trouble With the Curve opens in theaters today. Which of its three major stars is your favorite?

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