Breaking Out the Smiles and Tears

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Another Emmy Awards are in the books. Congratulations to all of the winners. Although I could spend hours dissecting all of the categories, I will simply give a quick shout out to two of my favorites: Aaron Paul and Eric Stonestreet. They continue to play my two favorite roles on television and it was incredible to watch them accept their awards with such humility and gratefulness. As a hopeful dreamer who hopes to accept a few awards himself someday, I watched with pleasure as two actors I have seen break out on screen accept theirs with true appreciation and sincerity. There is a pretty good chance that I would cry after every word, and would not be able to contain my emotions as well as they did. With that in mind, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about some of the new shows/actors gracing our screens this fall. ‘Cause while many of us may not get the opportunity to vote for the Emmy Awards, and are forced to fake our acceptance speeches on our living room couches, we all get the chance vote for our Favorite New Comedy and Favorite New Drama for the 2013 People’s Choice Awards.  It is truly a unique thing to be able to watch your favorite stars grow on screen, and actually be able to show your appreciation by awarding them each year. So how about we take a look at a few shows that will be vying for our votes soon enough. Try to contain your emotions while reading.

666 Park Avenue (Rachael Taylor, Dave Annable, Vanessa Williams, Terry O’Quinn)
Premiering September 30th, 666 Park Avenue has all of the ingredients for a hit. Mystery, drama, sex appeal, acting veterans Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn; but will it be enough? I for one will be rooting for Rachael Taylor to finally find her break out role. After the failure of Charlie’s Angels and The Darkest Hour, this starlet is need of a hit to launch her career. And having had the chance to see her act in an almost unknown film called Splinterhead during my first film internship a few years ago, I have a little extra passion to watch this star shine. Also on my list of hopefuls is Dave Annable (Brothers and Sisters), and Helena Mattsson who, according to her second IMDb image, looks a lot like Grace Kelly – and who doesn’t like a good Grace lookalike?

The New Normal (Justin Bartha, Andrew Rannells, Georgia King, Ellen Barkin, Nene Leakes)
Break out is not the right word for Andrew Rannells. More like emerging from the dust and bursting out on to the stage and screen. With The Book of Mormon under his belt, and a brief but memorable stint on Girls, it is safe to say that Andrew Rannells is having an incredible 2012. The New Normal is on its fourth episode, and while I have a few qualms with the show (the lack of chemistry between Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha, and the over the top racist writing for Ellen Barkin’s character) the show is on track to become a hit. Rounding out the potential breakouts, are real housewife turned actress Nene Leakes, the adorable Bebe Wood, and Georgia King. While Georgia may not be become the next Kaley Cuoco, I salute her for the attempt.

Animal Practice (Justin Kirk, Joanna Garcia Swisher, Bobby Lee, Tyler Labine, and a monkey)
Now I am a bit worried about this one. Justin Kirk had his break out role in Weeds but I am not sure if his quirky character will translate to network television. With the pet monkey (from Dr. Dolittle, I think(??), getting more hype than the actors, I won’t be too sad if no one really emerges from this one. That being said, I am quietly hoping that Joanna Garcia Swisher breaks out some Reba-esque charm and becomes the next big thing. I mean come on, she married a Yankee! I gotta love her.

Guys with Kids (Jesse Bradford, Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger, Jamie-Lynn Sigler)
Riding the coattialsof the semi hit, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this New TV comedy has a lot of familiar faces. Jesse Bradford (Bring it On, Swimfan), Anthony Anderson (All About the Andersons) and Zach Cregger (Friends with Benefits (TV))all look to breakout with this new age comedy about parenting from a man’s perspective. I didn’t hate the trailer as much as I thought I would, so who knows, maybe after this season people won’t just remember Jesse Bradford as Torrance Shipman’s boyfriend from Bring it On.

As you know, none of these hopefuls can really succeed without your help so I urge you to watch, and keep them from being cancelled. If they make it past that first hurdle, they will be eligible for Favorite New TV Comedy/Favorite New TV Drama- so it really is entirely up to you. As an added incentive, if I may, I am pretty heartbroken about Breaking Bad leaving me after this season, so please at least keep 666 Park Avenue on long enough for Rachael Taylor to break out.

For today’s poll, which TV show premiering this week are you most excited for?

666 Park Avenue (September 30th)
Animal Practice (September 26th)
Ben & Kate (September 25th)
Guys With Kids (September 26th)

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