All [increasingly below standard] things must come to an end

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We’ve spent a whole lot of time chatting and informing and snarking about shows on the fall TV schedule: the new ones and the old ones, the ones we like and the ones we don’t.  But what we haven’t discussed are those on their last legs. Sure, there are bound to be surprises when it comes time for network programmers to start waving their death sticks (watch your back, Animal Practice), but there are certain shows that we know and love that will be making their final curtain calls this season.  Let’s dissect these, shall we?

30 Rock – “WHAT? This is the last season?”

“There, there. I know. It’ll be OK. OK? You’ll be all right. We all will.  We’ll get through it together!”

“I don’t wanna get through it! I want 30 Rock to be on forever!”

“Nothing lasts forever, child.”

“But why?”

“Because Tina Fey is a busy lady. And let’s face it, the show is losing steam. You want it to go out on top, right?”

“Like Seinfeld?”

“Yes, like Seinfeld.”

“I guess. BLERG!”

— My inner monologue (Oh, don’t pretend you don’t have conversations with yourself.)

The Office – Now in its ninth season, The Office has gone through many changes. Michael Scott went from annoyingly genius to nonexistent, Jim and Pam went from “will-they or won’t-they” to “oh man, this married couple is BO-ring” and Creed went from..well.. he’s still a huge weirdo. It was a brilliant, sweet and hilarious show in its heyday, but, and I don’t think I’m alone when I say this, it’s lost some of its signature charm over the years. I’m certainly committed to a few more pranks from Jim, punched walls from Andy and pregnancy scares from Angela and Dwight, but then I’ll be ready to call it a day. And what a glorious day it will be.

Fringe – I’m going to be honest here – I’ve never watched Fringe. I don’t know much about it, and I’ve had exactly one person tell me they watch it.  That being said, this one person was super enthusiastic about it and I trust his judgment. But all I personally know is that Joshua Jackson is in it, and Joshua Jackson is hot and Joshua Jackson used to be Pacey on Dawson’s Creek and Pacey dated Andy and Andy went to a mental hospital and then I stopped watching Dawson’s Creek. So farewell, dear Fringe. You will be missed.

How I Met Your Mother – This isn’t definitely the last season of HIMYM, but it probably is.  Josh Radnor told The Hollywood Reporter, “So many things have to drop into place for (a 9th season) to happen.” But don’t turn your back on it just yet! Neil Patrick Harris told Access Hollywood, “If they want to do 9, they’re welcome to, but we have a lot of other things.” But it’s not over till the fat lady sings, right? Show creator Craig Thomas said, “We’re writing this season like it’s the end.” Looks promising, you guys!

While it’s clear that no TV show will last forever (earmuffs, Saturday Night Live) it’s never easy to bid farewell to our old favorites. All we can do is remember the good times, wish them well in TV show heaven and silently whisper to ourselves, “I want to go to there.”

Take to the comments and share your favorite moments from these four fine shows, will ya? And while you’re at it, voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which TV show you will miss most!

30 Rock

The Office



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