An Open Love Letter to Ari Graynor

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Dear Ari, 

Where did you come from? How have I managed to live my life without you up until now?

A quick perusal of your IMDB page tells me you were in a few episodes of The Sopranos (as Meadow’s college roommate) and you appeared in Mystic River and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and Whip It (as Eva Destruction). But I watched The Sopranos and saw all three of those movies and, for whatever reason, you didn’t make a lasting impression. Shame on me for not paying closer attention.

You caught my eye last fall in What’s Your Number? where you played Ally’s (Anna Faris) sister Daisy. You were only in a handful of scenes, but you stole my heart in each and every one of them. The expression on your perfectly freckled face as Ally gave the toast at your wedding is etched into my brain. I just knew I’d be seeing more of you soon.

“Soon,” it turned out, took almost a year. When I bought my ticket for indie darling Celeste & Jesse Forever this summer, truth be told, I was going for Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg. But there you were again, stealing scenes as Beth, a pal of Celeste and Jesse who’s fed up with the couple’s post break-up friendliness. You said what we were all thinking,,, how could these two get along so swimmingly while heading toward divorce court? I mean, puh-lease!

What sealed the deal for my lifetime of Ari worship was your star turn in For a Good Time, Call… I haven’t laughed that hard in a theater since Bridesmaids. Sure, the premise is a bit dated (a phone sex business in 2012? Really?) but it didn’t matter. As Katie, you charmed my socks off with your silliness, sexiness, charisma, and sisters-are-doin’-it-for-themselves bonding with Lauren (Lauren Miller.) In his review of the film in Entertainment Weekly, Owen Glieberman described you as “Kate Hudson possessed by the sprit of Bette Midler.” I hope you took that as a compliment, because I know Owen meant it as one. You’ve got star quality!

This week I received a flyer in the mail (how old school!) for a new Broadway play called The Performers. It features Cheyenne Jackson, Henry Winkler, Alicia Silverstone and YOU!  The show is described as a “new romantic comedy about the ins and outs of life and love in the adult entertainment industry,” and your character is named Peeps. Hello, Telecharge!

I promise I won’t stalk you by hanging outside the stage door, hoping for a photo, an autograph or a passing glance. That’s not my style. I’ll simply continue to admire you from afar and patiently wait for It Is What It Is, the movie comedy with you, Evan Rachel Wood, Olivia Thirby and Sigourney Weaver that’s currently in pre-production in anticipation of a 2013 release.

Hopelessly devoted to you,

Your biggest fan

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