I Love the smell of NYCC in the morning!

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Fall is a busy time for a pop culture enthusiast in NYC: new and returning television shows are premiering every time you flip the channel, college and pro football games overtake your weekends, there’s the New York Film Festival and New York Television Festival and last but not least…

You’ve got New York Comic Con! Woo and hoo!

Now entering its seventh year, the sold out NYCC is slowly but surely- if not already- becoming as big and bad as its sister show out in San Diego. No, they don’t get inundated with caravans of stars from Hollywood or have absurdly long lines for panels that leave you out in the baking sun, but that doesn’t mean that the offerings are anything to turn your nose up at. There are plenty of panels to geek out over, plenty of nerd celebrities and stars from movies and television to ask absurd questions of and plenty of people in costumes to gawk at as you trek across 34th Street towards 11th Avenue and NYCC central, aka the Jacob K Javits Convention Center.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous blog where I relived my SDCC moments, it’s not so much about what you can see at these conventions, but the fun random experiences you collect in the pursuit of stalking Bruce Campbell from panel to panel with the hopes of getting a picture with the former Briscoe County, Jr. (a reference only for those who remember the OTHER show that premiered with The X-Files on Friday nights waaaay back in the 1990s). One year I stumbled upon an adorable collection of toddlers dressed as their (or more like their parents’) favorite superhero, the wee Supergirl with red sock booties. Another year, it was a twelve year old Jedi doing extended battle (all in good fun) with a pack of storm troopers while waiting in line for Starbucks. Who knows what wonderful random, Instagram — worthy things are bound to happen this weekend?( Especially with Carrie Fisher in the house!)

The organized nerd that I am, I’ve planned my schedule, my plan B schedule, and plan C schedule for this weekend’s events. Sadly I won’t be able to go to everything (a lot of sad Sophie’s Choicing going on), but some of the highlights I plan to hit and suggest to fellow NYCC goers to check out include:

· Anything to do with The Nerdist empire: Their booth (#1851) on the exhibition floor; their live podcast taping at the Best Buy Theater on 1515 Broadway on Friday Night; their fearless leader Chris Hardwick at any one of the panels he’s moderating (including The Walking Dead) as the Nerdist empire is just that awesome, fun, and entertaining. The group — who is able to get the voice actors of Pinky and the Brain together for one of the best podcasts you’ll ears will ever hear — is worth checking out in my book. For those of you not in NYC, go to their website (http://www.nerdist.com/) and enjoy the plethora of nerdtastic offerings for the weekend.

· The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter – Animated Graphic Novel panel. No, the movie wasn’t all that (even if I enjoyed it) but the book and premise still is. If nothing else, I might get some good visual ideas on how to pull together that Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter costume for Halloween.
· DC Comics: Justice League. I’ll be honest, I’m primarily going to this to learn more about Superman and Wonder Woman finally hooking up and how the other guy of the Holy DC Trinity, Batman, will deal with being the third wheel. It’s the soap opera fan in me.
· Person of Interest screening and panel: NYCC does right by NYC based shows and if there is one CBS show that actually has a reason to be at a comic con it’s the show that centers around an omniscient, nigh sentient super computer assisting a brainiac and kick-butt human superhero protect the people of Gotham New York City. Sadly, leading man Jim Caviezel is not scheduled to attend [Hopefully, he’s taking a break from filming POI to do the cross-over cameo I’ve been dying for on Revenge as a new advisor to Emily Thorne (perhaps named Ed Dante) telling her to kick her revenging up a notch already], but the glorious Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman, and Jonathan Nolan are, so that is going to be one fun hour.
· The CW’s Arrow presentation because have you seen Stephen Amell?
· FOX’s The Following because James Purefoy gives good comic con. And hopefully will have intel on Rome the feature film.

For those of you not in NYC and unable to attend, I invite you to live vicariously through those of us who are. Or just check out every online entertainment news outlet for the news as it happens because the internet is awesome like that.

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