Why TV love is the cruelest of them all

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It always starts with a friend. You meet for drinks and he assures you that you would be a good fit. He explains how funny she will be and how this one will be different from all the rest. You are skeptical, but who are you kidding? After a long summer of Allison Pill, you are willing to give anything a try. As the day approaches, signs start appearing all around you, reminding you of your date. The nerves set in when the night arrives but you toss them aside and hope for the best. You sit down. You take a sip of wine and look across the room. The date starts. It’s great. You’re in love. You have found your one true love.

The next few weeks are like a blur. You laugh, you cry, and all seems to be going so well. Sure there are some minor bumps in the road, but you are sure that it will work out. You ignore your friends who tell you how awful it is, and you make sure to never miss a week. The fourth week sets in. You grab the popcorn and sit in your favorite spot. She’s not there. Did something happen? Was there an accident? Where is she? You resort to the internet. Shock sets in. Your show has been cancelled. Your relationship is over.

Every year it’s the same story. I tell myself not to watch opening weeks because I am bound to be disappointed. But like any TV addict, it‘s hard to go on without a fix. The official start of cancellation season began last week as Made in Jersey was sent packing. While I can’t say that I was an avid watcher of the “Jersey talking , gonna make it in Manhattan “attorney, I have a few friends who were and I know how it feels. So as they shuffle off to dig up old tapes of Harry’s Law, I press on hoping my beloved Elementary doesn’t get the axe, too. Maybe this will lessen the blow, or maybe it will just get you more nervous, but here are the shows I think will be dropped before mid season:

Two architects. Best friends. One straight. One gay. Both have loving partners, but each have their own set of problems. Sounds like it could be a winner, right? Well, not so much. Maybe I have just grown tired of the sitcommy shows with forced audience laughs and “real every-day problems” but this show really doesn’t do it for me. I was excited – I really was. Sophia Bush was an early crush (Brooke Davis what? what?), David Krumholtz starred alongside my good pal Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 10 Things I Hate About You, and Brandon Routh surprised the hell out of me in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. But what can I say? The show just isn’t that funny. It may have Will but it has a bad Jack and definitely no Grace. Off with its head!

The Neighbors
Not going to spend much time on this one. When bad commercials about bundling phone and internet service are strikingly close to the entire premise of the show, it is never a good sign. Don’t be the surprised if the show gets cancelled before this blog goes lives – it’s really that bad. To ABC: You are funnier than this – come on! And to you Jami Gertz: that whole “meet the Jones’s, neighborhood mom” thing really does not do you justice. Not only are you prettier than that, but I’m pretty sure you know how to act. And finally to the fans: If you really do love the show, and you believe I should just shut my mouth, start making your voices heard. Cause, hey, if Arrested Development can get a comeback, maybe The Neighbors will get a breath of new life in a few years.

PS: The Neighbors will never compare to Arrested Development – sorry guys.

Ok,  so I haven’t watched the premiere yet and I know I shouldn’t cast judgment without at least having seen the pilot, but this is my dark horse. From first glance, that is from the commercials and print ads, the show looks but promising. A bit Knight Rider risky, but promising. From what I can gather, the show is a bit Grimm-like, without the cool monsters, and a little Batman, without Christopher Nolan. It looks to be an action packed, bad guy crunching, comic-con lover’s dream and you know what? I’m into it. With that being said, every action-fantasy show is dangerous, and the fact that it’s on the CW makes it even more of a challenge to invest my heart and time. My ruling: This DC revival is bound to join Wonder Woman on the bench. See you in the Justice League movie!…In 4 years?? Maybe.

While I sincerely hope that these shows do make it past season one, because karma really is a bad thing to mess with (Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller you will be OK. don’t worry), sometimes it is best to just accept that when a show is bad, it’s time to let it go. Trust me. I know how hard it is to see a potential lost love walk out the door. My first lost love was Dark Angel, and when they moved it to the dreaded Friday night at 8 slot and then cancelled it, I was devastated. But keep your heads up, guys. There are plenty of mid-season replacements out in the sea.

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