Hurrican’t This Just Be Over Already?

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As we speak, the Northeast is being pounded, hounded and ravaged by Hurricane Sandy.  And while there are plenty of areas that’ll get hurt worse than NYC (lookin’ at you, Atlantic City) there are still plenty of rough seas ahead for our tiny, super-populated lil’ island.  To take my mind off the storm, I am hunkering down with my college roommate because really, is there anything more comforting than your college roommate, four bottles of wine, six seasons of Friday Night Lights and enough unhealthy snacks to feed an entire high school football team in Texas?

Now full disclosure, I am a worrywart. I hate thunderstorms and I usually take to curling up into a ball whenever thunder strikes and wind kicks up above a dull roar. I also may or may not have run home to mommy and daddy’s house to wait out last year’s nasty Hurricane Irene. But curiously enough, while there’s not much I like less than inclement weather, I love a good natural disaster movie. Maybe because they are normally so outrageous, I can’t actually fathom these events coming to fruition in real life? (Fingers crossed!)

Either way, my personal favorite in this genre is Deep Impact. I know, I know, the special effects are iffy at best, but the final scene with Tea Leoni’s character staring the impending Tsunami in the face with her father by her side is one of the most beautiful and tragic movie scenes I’ve ever witnessed.

Some may balk at my appreciation for Deep Impact, but everyone has their favorite disaster movie for one reason or another. And with that thought in mind, I’ve gone ahead and asked some friends, family and coworkers to weigh in with their own favorites.  Not surprisingly, the films and explanations varied widely. Here’s how they answered the question “What’s your favorite disaster movie and why?”

Armageddon, because I love a good love scene with Ben Affleck.” –JC

“Well The Day After Tomorrow.  Purely for Jake.” — AC

Twister because it made me want to be a storm chaser for like, two days..” – KF

2012, because John Cusack is the ultimate action hero.” – AK

The Wizard of Oz because because because BECAUSE! Because of the wonderful things he does!” – ED (Ed. Note: Not really an explanation, but just go with it)

Twister because they were following a tornado…how cool?” –JA

“I don’t watch anything suspenseful or anxiety-inducing.”– IK (Ed. Note: NERD ALERT)

“My favorite disaster movie is Poseidon because Gene Hackman is awesome.” – GK

“The original Titanic. I love when the band is playing as the ship is sinking.” – JK (<— isn’t she cute? That’s my mom!)

28 Days Later. Naomi Harris: From Zombie to Bond Girl.” – AZ

The Hurricane because Denzel is the man.” – EC (Ed. Note: NOT a disaster movie)

Godzilla (the ’98 version) – it rains the entire movie! It’s a great rainy day movie.” – TC

Airplane – I’m not kidding. And don’t call me Shirley.” – AK (<— isn’t he funny? That’s my dad!)

And one friend maybe took the assignment a little too seriously:

“It’s not a storm movie per se, but the on-screen moment that popped into my head when thinking about being trapped inside during Hurricane Sandy is from Dawson’s Creek Season 6, Episode 15: “Castaways” in which Joey and Pacey get locked in a K-Mart for the night and are forced to confront their true feelings for each other amidst a sea of bargain athletic gear. On the episode prior to this one, Pacey spilled his true feelings for Josephine to America while she was asleep, so we were all waiting for her to find out that he loves her in this hour of TV — and she did!!! They ended up kissing at the end. I think they also might have camped out in a tent for a bit in the outdoorsy aisle. Also, I definitely recall Joey pouting throughout the entire episode because she had a really important paper to write that night about a book that she hadn’t yet cracked. Probably Jane Eyre. In case you forgot, she was a student at the prestigious Worthington University. Spoiler: that paper didn’t matter. Pacey did. Castaway Takeaway: I’d give up my entire PBJ stash right now to be trapped inside a K-Mart with one Pacey Witter (frosted tips or not).” — KK

So whether you love it because of its sexy leading man, crazy special effects or… its location in a North Carolina Wal-Mart, we all have our favorites.  Tell us your #1 disaster flick in the comments below and to all in Sandy’s unruly path: please be safe, wherever you are.

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28 Days Later

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