Not Just Another Wednesday

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Today is Wednesday, November 14th, and on most Wednesdays we might talk about what great shows are airing tonight, or what movies we are looking forward to seeing this weekend, or what new album that just dropped on a particular Tuesday we are totally digging on. But not today. Today is the day before the second most important day in the entire People’s Choice Awards annual calendar. Today is the day before the biggest wave of voting begins, where you get to decide who the winners will be at the 2013 show (and yes, that is most certainly the MOST important day on our calendar).
Now, in my five years at People’s Choice, this day before the day has always fallen on a Monday. But this year, for the first time, it happens to be on a Wednesday – a combination of the Presidential Election as well as some other scheduling snaffoos, and here we are. And to me it feels particularly exciting, almost like the extra few days in the  week leading up to the launch of voting are building more anticipation and enthusiasm than ever before. And if the last wave of voting is any indication, you are all out there, waiting patiently, clicking-fingers at the ready to start casting your votes as soon as we make the big nominations announcement tomorrow morning! We’ll be releasing the official nominees from a press conference at the Paley Center in Los Angeles with the help of some very well known faces, including of course, our charming and beautiful host, Kaley Cuoco.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise for you, but suffice it to say that some great celebs are coming out to help us get the word out to everybody, most importantly to you! But not today… tomorrow. And as soon as the nominations are announced, we will officially turn on voting not only on, but on our mobile website, our mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android) and even on Facebook and Twitter. So whether you are paying attention or not, you are likely to stumble upon voting as soon as it’s open!

All this talk about today, the day before the day, has got me thinking about “days” in pop culture – particularly in music. So many songs revolve around the theme of time, a single day- a mere 24 hours that can hold memories to last a lifetime, and feature catchy hooks that are hard to shake once they get in your ear. Since we are all anticipating the big day tomorrow, let’s have a little fun – voice your choice and tell us which of these songs about a single day is your favorite? 
Another Day in Paradise (Phil Collins)
Beautiful Day (U2)
Cherish the Day (Sade)
A Day in the Life (Beatles)

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