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Last week we began dissecting the nominees of Favorite Comedic TV Actress. On Friday, we started with Jane Lynch and today we will be discussing the wonderful Sofia Vergara. Tomorrow will be all about Lea Michele,  Wednesday will be devoted to New Girl star Zooey Deschanel , and on Thursday we will cap off the category with our lovely host Kaley Cuoco. So stay tuned throughout the week to get the inside scoop on your nominees for Favorite TV Comedic Actress. And without further adieu, here is my take on the fiery Sofia Vergara.

In its fourth season, Modern Family continues to be one of the funniest shows on television. With stars like Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Ed O’Neill and Eric Stonestreet, it is no surprise why the show continues to win awards year after year. While many people tune in weekly for a dose Phil-osophy, or a little Rico Rodriguez magic, I tune in for one reason and one reason only: Sofia Vergara. And while most North Americans only know the Colombian bombshell from Modern Family, Sofia Vergara has actually been gracing the television screen for over 20 years.

At the age of 17, the natural blonde took her first role in a Pepsi commercial ( and by 23, was co-hosting a Colombian travel series called “Fuera de serie.” This show launched her into the spotlight in South America, and paved the way for her fabulous global career. After a short cameo in season four of Entourage, Sofia began taking roles in somewhat forgettable ABC shows, Hot Properties, and The Knights of Prosperity. But while the shows were short lived, much like her early dreams of being a dentist, Sofia fought through the “doggy-dog” world of TV casting and got the role of her life as the wife of Ed O’Neill in Modern Family.

As we have come to expect from the hilarious Gloria Pritchett, each week Sofia puts her own special twist on the English language. Whether she is accidentally ordering “little baby jeesus’” instead of baby cheeses, or complaining about Jay “under-melting” Manny’s confidence, each week she leaves her indelible mark on an already outstanding show. And thankfully, with more and more roles coming in, we won’t have to “Luke” far to find the beautiful Sofia.

Sofia has already appeared in the star studded casts of New Years Eve, Happy Feet Two, The Smurfs,  The Three Stooges, and has two films lined up for 2013. Not to mention, she has her own K-Mart line; is one of the global faces of Covergirl; and was named the highest paid TV actress by Forbes in 2012. So while she may not be hired to “learn anyone English” anytime soon, I don’t think anyone needs to worry about Sofia Vergara missing out on any roles.

Before we jump into a featured poll, I would feel remiss to not include my favorite Gloria mispronunciations. They are hilarious and worth mentioning.

Top 3 Gloria-isms

3. Jay = Yayy
Gloria’s pronunciation of Jay is the benchmark for all Gloria-isms. In almost every episode of Modern Family there will be at least one Yayy, I mean Jay, moment. Whether she is yelling about how she will never forget him (Season 2, episode 9) or screaming about how she has an angry baby inside of her making her do bad things (Season 4, Episode 5), the show wouldn’t be the same without some Yayys thrown in the mix.

2. Earrings = Hair Rings
As Cam and Mitch struggle to decide who should watch over Lily in the event of their untimely demise, Gloria decides to take it upon herself to treat Lily to an early birthday present: earrings. Of course because they are amidst their squabbling, Mitch only hears “hair rings” instead of “earrings” and Gloria is given permission to take Lilly out to the mall. When Lilly returns home with freshly pierced ears the two parents are beside themselves when they realize their mistake. The look on Mitch’s face when he realizes that “Hair Rings” doesn’t even make sense is priceless. It may not sound as funny on paper, but this episode is incredible. Season 2, Episode 20.

1. Shia Labeouf = Sheya-Le-boof
At some point everyone has had a hard time pronouncing the Lawless star’s name. But no pronunciation was as good as Sofia’s in Season 1, Episode 2. With Manny planning a date, and Gloria feeling a bit left out, she suggests that they see the latest Shia film. Forget pronouncing his name “Shia La Buff” or even “Shila buffe”, how about Sheya-le booof. Brilliant. The moment happens about midway through the episode; be sure to listen closely because it comes on quick.

So there are my top 3 Gloria-isms. Feel free to use the comment section to write in your favorites and don’t forget to keep voting. There are only a few weeks left!

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