Kaley Cuoco: Comedy’s Favorite Girl Next Door

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Today we round out the nominees for Favorite Comedic TV Actress today by shining the spotlight on People’s Choice Awards host, the very talented, funny, and versatile actress- Ms. Kaley Cuoco!

You only have to watch a commercial for The Big Bang Theory to glean that the woman has talent. Watching thirty-seconds of Cuoco’s Penny rip off a deadpan zinger at Jim Parsons’ Sheldon easily pulls a chuckle out of you. Watching thirty-minutes (about twenty-one minutes when you cut out the commercials) of the full Cuoco effect will leave your sides aching from the constant laughter. Penny has become  a pop culture icon loved by hotties and geeks alike, admired for her  sass and savvy and for being the voice of much of the audience as they find themselves stumbling every week through a strange nerdy land. The weekly battles between Penny and Sheldon have become a core feature of any Big Bang episode and Cuoco goes toe-to-toe with the two-time Emmy winner Parsons  in the trading of quips, squints, eye-rolls, and impeccable comic timing that makes her performance all the more admirable.

But wait! Jim Parsons is not the only comedy powerhouse that Kaley has shared the screen wit. Before Jim, there was John. That is, the late great John Ritter who played Cuoco’s TV dad on the short-lived 8 Simple Rules. The match-up was perfect; Ritter as the befuddled, anxious father to Cuoco’s bubbly, free-spiritied, and very hot teenaged girl. One would think that a TV comedy king would overpower a newbie like Cuoco, but much like she exhibits in her work with Parsons, Cuoco was no shrinking violet. She gave as much as she got from Mr. Ritter and together they created a funny, endearing true to life tumultuous (in a good way) father-daughter relationship.  There partnership was unfortunately cut short by Ritter’s untimely death and Cuoco’s bittersweet performance as the grieving daughter showed us that she had the chops to forge a great career for herself in the arenas of both comedy and drama.

Subsequent to 8 Simple Rules, Kaley did just that by zigging to dramas such as Charmed and Prison Break; appearing in the Lifetime movies To Be Fat Like Me and Drew Peterson: Untouchable and then zagging back to comedy in projects like Killer Movie and Hop. Capitalizing on that charismatic voice of hers, Kaley also carved out a nice voice acting career for herself by working on several animated series including Brandy and Mr. Whiskers, 6Teen, and Bratz bringing the funny through her voice alone to a whole new generation.

Kaley achieved all of this plus over five years on The Big Bang Theory – all under the age of 30! Talk about an overachiever.

If the first twenty-years of her amazing career are any indication of things to come, we have a lot of great things to look forward to from Ms. Cuoco. This comedy princess is no doubt going to ascend to a true Queen and rule the pop culture kingdom for years to come.

People’s Choice Awards host Kaley Cuoco is nominated for Favorite Comedic TV Actress! Which of her roles is your favorite?

Penny in <i>The Big Bang Theory</i>

Sam O’Hare in <i>Hop</i>

Bridget Hennessy in <i>8 Simple Rules</i>

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