The man, the myth, THE Justin Bieber

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78761827We continue our rundown of the nominees in our Favorite Pop Artist category with the man, the myth, THE Justin Bieber. He was once all tiny body and swooped hair, bathed in the screams of girls who need to finish their social studies homework, but he’s since proven to the world that he’s a force to be reckoned with, a performer who’s here to stay.

Everyone knows the story of Bieber’s rise to success: He played guitar on street corners as a young kid and put videos of him singing on YouTube for family and friends.  Those videos were eventually seen by People Who Make Things Happen and, ultimately, he was signed to a record label that helped package him into a singing and dancing machine, beloved in the tween market.

But something happened along the way.  Justin managed to convince the mainstream media that he wasn’t just a flash in the pan and a future child-star-gone-bad; he was a talented young man who happened to have the “it” factor. So while many scoff at his success, I am here to say, “Get over it, good sir.” Take a look at these milestones that helped Justin Bieber cross over into mainstream entertainment, and let’s face it, into our hearts:

Justin Bieber Releases “Baby” – You know you like this song. You may not admit it to a crowd of people, or to your closest confidant or even yourself, but you know you like it. You know that if you’re in Macy’s buying your mom that expensive perfume that you know she wants for Christmas because she told your dad that you better get her something nice because you forgot to send her a birthday card and he told you that if you wanted to get her something nice you should probably get her the perfume in that ad she saw in a commercial during last Wednesday’s repeat episode of Castle and you hear Justin Bieber’s “Baby” play through the speakers, you will not be upset. You’ll hum along to the tune, and maybe sing a few lines and maybe even think to yourself, “Wow, Ludacris raps on this song? Maybe I’ll go home and download it.” On April 1, 2010,, the comedy site created by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay went 100% Bieber. Bieber skins, Bieber videos, even threats from Justin Bieber – he had taken over FunnyOrDie and had many comedy fans scratching their heads, quietly whispering, “What the WHAT?” The April Fool’s trick had FunnyOrDie’s fan base watching videos like “Bieber after Dentist” and “Bieber Takes a Tumble” instead of classics like “The Landlord” and “Good Cop, Baby Cop,” viral videos that made FunnyOrDie a go-to web destination for college dudes looking for a midday humor fix, not 13 year-old girls who post selfies on Facebook and listen to Justin Bieber. The trick introduced Bieber to a mainstream audience and showed the world that he was in on the joke.

“Call Me, Maybe” – We all know that Justin Bieber doesn’t sing “Call Me, Maybe” – that honor goes to Canadian singer (and multi-PCA nominee) Carly Rae Jepsen – but did you know that we can all thank Justin Bieber for bringing the catchy tune into our lives? He heard the song on Canadian radio, tweeted about it, and then made a video of him and his friends (and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez) dancing to it. The video went crazy viral, started a whole new lip-syncing trend and made “Call Me, Maybe” one of the biggest hits of the decade. You know you’ve got an influential person on your hands when all it takes is a tweet and a homemade video to change the course of pop music.

A handful of people have the talent, looks, drive and luck to make it big in the music industry, but only one in a million have what it takes to become a young superstar like Justin Bieber.

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“One Less Lonely Girl”

“U Smile”

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