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I knew she looked familiar! While researching our 5th and final nominee in the Favorite Pop Artist category – Demi Lovato – I stumbled upon a little tidbit that made me smile. Once upon a time before her legions of fans dedicated their lives to her, she starred in the family friendly program Barney and Friends at the tender age of seven. I remember seeing her face while Kady, the little girl I babysat for, squealed in delight at the TV screen. Barney had that effect on many young children I am told. And, as it turns out, Demi starred opposite her good pal Selena Gomez during her time on Barney. But I digress. We are here today to talk about Demi’s success as a musician and why it’s not hard to see how she came to be a 2013 PCA nominee for Favorite Pop Artist. I decided to express my appreciation for this starlet in a non-traditional way. I hope you enjoy…

Demi Lovato dropped “Don’t Forget” in 2008,
It debuted at #2, teenage girls could relate.
The Jonas brothers co-wrote,
Kara DioGuardi supplied notes,
And Demi was on her way, it was fate.

Next album released was titled “Here We Go Again”
This time it hit #1 on the billboard charts, Amen!
She went on tour in Chili and Brazil,
Her career, it was aimed uphill,
And to her fans, she was a perfect ten.

Meanwhile, Demi road the Disney train,
Acting, singing, she was a bright burning flame.
She took care of business at Camp Rock,
She gave Sonny a Chance, it’s not a shock
That Demi was on track for PCA fame.

She released “Unbroken” and the world took notice,
She performed at the PCAs and was applauded for her boldness.
On that album she sang “Give Your Heart a Break,”
She sang “Unbroken,” “Skyscraper” and “Mistake,”
She had the entire teenage world under hypnosis.

Now she’s up for a coveted People’s Choice Award,
The category is Pop Artist, her fans will attempt to reward.
She’s up against Katy and Adele
Bieber and P!nk, oh hell!
What an incredible Pop Artist smorgasbord!

Hope you enjoyed my ode to Demi Lovato, the last nominee up for Favorite Pop Artist. Tomorrow we will give you the goods on the nominees for Favorite Movie Actress. Till then, tell us which of Demi’s studio albums is your favorite.

“Don’t Forget”
“Here We Go Again”

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