Ladies and Gentleman: Her Highness Princess Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway come on dooowwwwnnnnnn!

As we continue our path down Favorite Movie Actress lane, we arrive at the doorstep of Anne Hathaway – an A-List beauty who seems so down to earth, she might just show up to brunch with your friends if you get up the courage to ask her.

Question of the day: is anyone else in the camp that Anne Hathaway really is the Princess Mia Thermopolis we fell in love with from The Princess Diaries? I don’t think it’s that out of the question to think that the film was actually a cleverly disguised biography of one of (what used to be) the world’s least-known princesses. She can dance and sing (which all princesses can do), she’s got large facial features that don’t typically grace the faces of normals and she can drop weight at the drop of a hat. I know what you’re thinking: “Hey doofus, Genovia isn’t a real country!” But how do we know for sure? Hear me out.

You all know the story of The Princess Diaries.  A young girl (nearing the end of her pubescent misfortunes) learns that she was born a princess when her grandmother shows up to make her look and act like one.  Initially she’s in shock, but she learns to accept and appreciate the golden ticket she’s been given. It’s a brilliant PR plan, if you ask me – let’s disguise our princess as an unknown actress and build Genovia’s credibility all in one shot. It worked – now we all know what Genovia is, don’t we?

What they didn’t expect was that this newly beautified princess would love acting and be pretty darn good at it, too. So that she wouldn’t throw a temper tantrum (as all princesses do) they helped her score the role of Ella in Ella Enchanted to help ease her into the public’s mind as the legitimate actress she was born to be. She was still a beautiful princess, but with two big screen gems under her belt, the less we cared to look closely at her Wikipedia page.

As she landed more roles, her star began to rise and many people forgot about The Princess Diaries all together.  She gave us rodeo realness in Brokeback Mountain and nailed the clack-clack-clacking of Miranda Priestly’s assistant in The Devil Wears Prada.  When she was finally nominated for an Academy Award for her role as a sister-gone-mental in Rachel Getting Married, the nerdy Princess Anne Mia had been all but forgotten.

So really, the joke’s on us. Anne gets to be a secret princess AND one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, all at the same time.

2012 has been a huge year for Anne Hathaway. She kicked butt as Catwoman in the summer’s biggest hit, The Dark Knight Rises, and she made headlines for her frail physique as she prepared to play Fantine in the highly anticipated big-screen version of Les Miserables.  She also got married (to a real-life prince charming?) and managed to snag herself two People’s Choice Award nominations: Favorite Movie Actress and Favorite Face of Heroism. Bravo, Anne! You have (most of) us fooled.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll: Which of Anne Hathaway’s films is your favorite?

Brokeback Mountain

The Dark Knight Rises

The Devil Wears Prada

The Princess Diaries

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