Emma Stone: We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

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I have a question for you: what were you doing by the age of 24? Before you answer (in your head, or out loud, whatever floats your boat) I can start by telling you what I was doing. I had graduated from college, moved back to New York City and was working at a small start-up company in midtown, putting in tons of hours and trying to establish some semblance of a social life with whatever time I had left. I was making pennies, I might add, and sharing a studio apartment with a former college roommate. (Yes, I said sharing). I’m now in my mid 30s and my biggest accomplishments certainly did not take place until I neared the end of my third decade on the planet and embarked upon my fourth. Sure, graduating from the University of Virginia is considered a noteworthy achievement, and getting married by the age of 28 was also no small feat, especially by today’s standards. But let’s keep things in perspective. How many people do you know who have graduated from college, possibly even earned a graduate degree by their mid 20s, are busy trying to start their careers, and may even have already tied the knot? I’d bet you’ll say a lot. Now, if I ask you how many people you know who have managed to become superstars in their respective careers by the age of 24, I’d bet you’d say none.

Here’s what I’m getting at. We all know her and love her. She is a household name and a movie goer’s favorite (I don’t know anyone who dislikes her) and it seems like she’s been on the scene forever. Yet, if you think about it, Emma Stone has only just arrived. She certainly has been working hard since childhood – did you know she dropped out of high school at 15 to move to Hollywood and begin pursuing her career? With her parents’ support, I might add… But since the moment she truly emerged in Hollywood, she has managed to churn out more hit movies than arguably any of her peers. Most people probably noticed her in the Judd Apatow vehicle, Superbad playing Jonah Hill’s love interest. She may also have been noticed (most likely be different people) in The House Bunny, starring Anna Farris (it was surprising to me how much I liked that movie!) and then by an entirely different type of audience in the horror/comedy Zombieland.

It wasn’t until her first major starring role in Easy A that the whole world stopped to take notice. The role earned her a Golden Globe nomination and the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance (among other nominations and wins). Talk about everyone – critics and fans alike – finally recognizing her undeniable talent.

Since then she has starred in such cricitically acclaimed films as The Help and Crazy, Stupid, Love., proving that she not only has the comedic chops, but can deliver a dramatic performance with equal, if not greater, passion and conviction. And having proven that, her next (very clever) move was to take on a blockbuster franchise, which she successfully did in The Amazing Spider-Man opposite Andrew Garfield. If people hadn’t noticed her by then, Spidey certainly sealed the deal.

Needless to say, Emma Stone, today’s featured Favorite Movie Actress nominee is beyond deserving of her nomination. And considering her accomplishments by such a young age, I’m betting we are going to be seeing a lot more from her in the coming years. I read that she convinced her parents to let her drop out and pursue acting with a Powerpoint presentation. Well, aren’t we glad they listened? (I’d like to think I’ll be as cool a parent when the time comes). I guess sometimes – but not all the time – children do know best. Can’t wait to see what new, challenging roles this young starlet will be taking on, but no matter what, I’m sure they’ll be as convincing as that Powerpoint must have been.

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The Amazing Spider-Man
Crazy, Stupid, Love.
Easy A
The Help

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