Merry Christmas!

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It’s Christmas! And if you’re anywhere near me, it’s a white Christmas too!

Depending on what time you’re reading this, I am either about to see, am currently seeing or have just seen Les Miserables. I’m either brimming with excitement, sitting aghast at Anne Hathaway’s body mass index or discussing how much I loved or hated it with my fellow amateur movie critics (my parents).

Going to the movies is my  Christmas tradition — everyone has one. Or some. Or tons.

What are you up to today?

Are you sitting by the fireplace surrounded by family? Or are you sitting around a Yule log gif surrounded by roommates?

Are you wishing you celebrated Christmas so you had presents to open this morning? Or are you happy you don’t celebrate Christmas so that you don’t have to get that sloppy kiss on the cheek from your Grandma’s boyfriend that somehow gets sloppier each time you see him?

Are you sitting around wearing matching PJs? Or are Christmas sweaters more your thing?

Are you listening to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album? Or are you listening to Justin Bieber’s Christmas album? (Tough choice for anyone.)

Are you thrilled with the gifts you’ve gotten so far? Or are you already on your way to the mall with returns?

Are you drinking hot cocoa with the little marshmallows you love so much? Or are you going straight for the Bailey’s Irish Cream?

Have you tried each variety of cookie that your mom baked yet? Or are you just sticking with the Bailey’s Irish Cream?

Are you arguing about how Love Actually is one of the best Christmas movies of all time? Or, because of last year’s fiasco, have people started to ignore you?

Will you be caroling today? Or will you just leave the tunes to Bieber?

Are you watching A Christmas Story or Miracle on 34th Street? Or sticking with the classics like Jingle All The Way or Home Alone 3?

Whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s wonderful, magical and deliciously perfect – Happy Holidays from all of us on the People’s Choice team.

And in the spirit of Christmas, please take a minute to vote in today’s featured poll: Which Christmas comedy flick is your favorite?

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