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With 2012 in the books and awards season a little more than a week away, what better time than now to look ahead at what 2013 has in store for us in the world of entertainment? Why look back at 2012’s best in movies, music and TV, when our favorites will be announced so soon? We must press on. We must see which artist /TV show/movie and every other excuse in the book will keep us from the gym today. Ask yourself: Do you want to give your roommate the same lame excuse for why you haven’t left the couch in seemingly a month? No way!  We must look ahead to 2013 and find those reasons why a gallon of ice cream on a Tuesday is totally normal; and why the gym will always be there, but a TV premiere happens but once in a lifetime. For the next couple of weeks, I will give you all of the ammunition you need for a happy and healthy New Year. Today will be about music, next Monday about TV, and the following Monday will be devoted to movies. So get your pens ready. Put down your water bottle, it’s the New Year so bring on the excuses.

In the world of music we have one big defense: Beyoncé. Well, for right now, it is one big question. When will Beyoncé release her newest album? Though there is still not a confirmed release date, some reports have the first single premiering as early as the day after she rocks the Super bowl half time show on February 3th.  So while we may have to continue using the, “it’s cold outside” argument for at least a month, the wait will be well worth it. Especially since Hit-Boy, Kanye West, Ryan Tedder and Miguel have all confirmed collaborations with the Queen B.

Apart from Mrs. Carter, we can expect a lot of great music from other top artists in early 2013. 50 Cent’s newest album, “Street King Immortal”, is set to release on February 26th with confirmed guests Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz and AraabMuzik. Country music sensation Tim McGraw will be premiering his “Two Lanes of Freedom” record on February 5th; and I know at least one JBJ fan who is eagerly waiting the, “What About Now” album excuse, set to ripen in March. So while we patiently wait for the songstress to give us the biggest alibi for the new year, we can be content to know that a few of our other favorites will define our lives in early 2013. And, if those aren’t enough, LL Cool J is back in the game with “Authentic Hip Hop”, and Solange (sister of the Queen) is premiering her latest album “True” on January 8th.

Now, to be honest, I really do hope that you stay true to your new years resolutions, and that you will be successful in whatever it is you want to accomplish. Everyone has a hard time getting out of the bed early to hit the treadmill but have faith. Try bringing some of the music I just mentioned along with you. It is always more fun to run to a good beat. I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and don’t forget to watch the 2013 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, January 9th 9/8c on CBS.

Which 2013 album are you most excited for?

“What About Now” by Jon Bon Jovi

“Two Lanes of Freedom” by Tim McGraw

“Authentic Hip Hop” by LL Cool J

“True” by Solange

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