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So have you been keeping up with your New Years resolutions? Reducing your carbon footprint? Going to the gym? Refusing to indulge in those guilty TV pleasures? Well unfortunately, all that good work is about to go to waste. Continuing along my New Years excuses theme from last week, today I will focus on the TV shows that will keep you glued to your couches and far far away from any environmental policy group. Today will be about TV gluttony in 2013.

First off, you’re not going to the gym on Wednesday night, so throw that idea right out the window. It’s the People’s Choice Awards people! It’s time to indulge in your favorites. For 2 hours in prime time (plus one hour for the streaming red carpet show on Peopleschoice.com) you are not going anywhere. So get out the popcorn, the cheese steaks or whatever else you love to eat and get ready for some fun. The show will be well worth the added calories, I promise. But since we know one night of fat filled food won’t ruin our year, here’s a list of great shows to help round out the rest of your busy resolution schedule.

Season 2 of Girls comes back on January 13th and there are plenty of stories to catch up on. Hannah (Lena Dunham) has ditched Adam and is shacking up with New Normal star Andrew Rannells; Shoshana (Zosia Mamet) is fighting with her new “boyfriend” Ray; Jessa (Jemima Kirke) is married, and Marnie (Allison Williams)… does anyone really care? Having gotten a chance to see some of the filming around my neighborhood, I can confidently say that the season will be filled with a ton of drama, some incredible dialogue, and a whole lot of Lena nudity (yay?? ughh). To be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the show during the first season, but it has grown on me enough to firmly place it on my Sunday TV food block.

Moving on to the middle of the week, the promos for the latest season of American Idol (January 16th) came out, and the new hosts are looking fierce.  Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and the always-trending Nicki Minaj are joining Randy Jackson at judge’s podium this year and rumor is Nicki and Mariah have some beef. With The Voice on hiatus, I think this it’s time to watch the old faithful and dust off your favorite childhood treat. I’ve got box of junior mints ready. What about you?

Another great show prompted to ruin my hopes of doing good this coming year is The Following starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy. Written by Kevin Williamson (ScreamThe Vampire Diaries) the thriller has been receiving rave reviews and is positioned only a half hour after the highly talked about Carrie Diaries. So forget about that save the dolphins meeting you had scheduled for January 21st at 9pm, The Following is better.

Making up the rest of my (soon to be your) indulgences this season will be CalifornicationPortlandiaHouse of Cards (Netflix original), and The Americans. If for some reason you have not heard about any of these shows, it’s time to catch up. Be sure to check in next week for the movie portion of Favorite Alibi 2013, and don’t you dare forget about the People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday, January 9th 9/8C on CBS.

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