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It’s recently come to my attention that my beloved show, Happy Endings, is in serious jeopardy of cancellation – it’s what we in the biz call “on the bubble.” It means that the show’s ratings are falling, the network is juggling it around its primetime schedule and eventually it will be placed in a weird, Tuesday at 3 am time slot, only to see its remaining episodes aired as quickly and quietly as possible. Case in point: later tonight, ABC will air the 4th episode of Happy Endings in just two weeks — it’s now airing on Sundays AND Tuesdays. This can’t be a good sign.

So with this huge platform at my disposal, I find it near impossible not to spend at least a day trying to persuade you to watch this show with me. Help me, help you! Perhaps if this blog post interests you, you’ll start watching and I can go to bed before 3:30 am next week.

The Idea: 

Six tough-talking cops navigate the rough waters of Chicago’s south side, while avoiding the unavoidable romantic connections at all cost. JK! It’s about six well-to-do friends who live and work in Chicago and say funny things to each other.

The Players:

Brad Williams – Good-looking African American man with a high-paying job and a Type-A wife. Brad loves women so much, he almost IS one. He carries a purse (“Ugh, I can never find anything in this thing,”) makes his own candles and has attended at least once RomComCon (Romantic Comedy Convention). He and wife Jane are a modern day couple with old school values and an undying love for each other and weird bedroom games. Signature accessory: His puppet, SinBrad.

Jane Kerkovich-Williams – Brad’s perfectionist wife is intelligent and supportive, yet ultra-competitive. She’ll always help you get the guy or the goal-weight, but start a losing kickball team and you can bet she’ll be playing against you with the winners at the local auto body shop. Signature accessory: Killer pair of fancy shorts.

Dave Rose – Dave spent the better half of two seasons “finding” himself after his runaway bride Alex left him stranded on their wedding day. He now seems to be in good shape, owning and operating a successful food truck, and has embraced his newfound heritage (he’s 1/16 Navajo). Signature accessory: Authentic Navajo Jacket.

Alex Kerkovich – Alex shall henceforth be known as the most lovable idiot on television (think 60% Phoebe, 40% Joey). If her IQ has lost a few points over the course of the show, her enthusiasm has grown exponentially. She sees the best in everybody (including her racist parrot, Tyler) and manages to keep her scarcely patronized clothing boutique afloat. She also does a killer Ellen DeGeneres impression. Signature accessory: Necksercizer (think ab workout for your neck).

Max Blum – Max is a bro who likes dudes; a dude who likes bros. He’s a former Bar Mitzvah dancer, current unlicensed Chicago Tour Guide, who spends much of his time eating pizza, drinking beer and searching for his soul mate. He never sweats the small stuff and just wants to find his Prince Charming…preferably named Eric, but he’ll also accept Matt. Signature Accessory: White limo for said tours of Chicago.

Penny Hartz – Penny is the originator of all those abbreevs you might associate with Happy Endings. She’s a hopeless romantic who reads Kardashian biographies, speaks fluent Italian when she’s drunk and thought nothing of scribbling the unfortunate name of her new boyfriend all over her notebook (“Penny Hartz-Hitler <3”).  Signature accessory: Full-body cast.

Do you see how great these characters are? Let’s do this: You watch the show tonight, enjoy it (’cause there’s no way you won’t) and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t mind me — I’ll just be over here drawing up my “Save Happy Endings” petition on

Voice your choice in today’s poll: Which “on the bubble” sitcom would you petition to save?

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