57th Presidential Inauguration Run-down: The Important Stuff

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A presidential inauguration comes but once every four years, on a day that, if nothing else, shows us the best in winter fashion. While it also shows it what us means to be American, we’ve got the New York Times to decipher all that jargon. Speaking of the NYT, they were kind enough to provide us with an infographic detailing all of the politicos, spouses and Beyonces in attendance, if you like that sort of thing (which I do).

In all honesty, I watched the festivities with pride and enthusiasm – I mean, what a day! Millions of hopeful, cold people packed the lawns and streets of Washington D.C. to support our President and to say cheers to the next four years. And while I followed the inauguration on NBC and tried to make sense of how on earth Brian Williams could remember the names of each and every member of the House of Representatives, I also paid close attention to some key aspects of the day: the performances, the fashion and, good god, all of the celebrities tweeting selfies from the crowd. Here’s a breakdown:

The performances:

Singers — James Taylor – Sweet Baby James, does this man have the most soothing voice or what? He sang “America the Beautiful” with just his acoustic guitar and a smile on his face. I’ve never heard anyone sing it without trying to belt every last verse so it was a pleasure to hear it slowed down to a steady and calming pace.

— Kelly Clarkson – Ms. Clarkson took the stage following the President’s swearing in and what a ride she took us on! What started out as a gentle, subdued version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” turned into a burst of unbridled patriotism and vocal runs. While the accompanying United States Marine Band drowned her out slightly towards the end, her pitch perfect voice wasn’t to be out-trumpeted. She truly is an American idol (sorry).

— Beyonce – EARPIECE? SHE DON’T NEED NO STINKIN’ EARPIECE! First of all, everyone needs to go back and just look at the way Beyonce gazed over the crowd before she began to sing the National Anthem – it’s how I would expect Mufasa to observe his jungle kingdom, perched atop his mountain ledge. Not surprisingly, Beyonce slayed the song (without a coat in site, I might add.) Is it too early to start wearing my Beyonce 2016 button?

The outfits: 


— Michelle Obama – First let me address the elephant in the room: The Bangs. She’s rockin’ them, she’s killin’ it and I’ll never mention The Bangs again. Bangs. For the day’s festivities, the FLOTUS paired The Bangs with a Thom Browne coat and a J. Crew belt (natch). She looked great and as soon as this outfit is displayed at the National Archives, I will visit post haste. Where else can I see a J. Crew belt in the flesh? After dining on lobster and New England clam chowder at the inaugural luncheon, the First Lady changed into a flowing halter gown by Jason Wu for the evening’s Inaugural Balls. She showed off the arms, she showed off The Bangs and in a nod to her Republican friends (??), she wore ruby red.


— Sasha – The youngest Obama looked cute as a button in what we’ll call periwinkle-purple. Her Kate Spade pea coat will be the envy of 11 year-old girls and 50 year-old moms alike, and she looked adorable. Not one to choose fashion over comfort, Sasha paired her pretty pea with matching flats.

— Malia – The lankiest of all Obamas rocked a similar look to her younger sis, but went with more of a pinkish-purple overall ensemble. Giving us another reason to say “Pretty Pea,” Malia followed in her mother’s footsteps by choosing a J. Crew pea coat, which she paired with similarly-hued tights and flats. In an unrelated statement, how cute was it when she was talking to that cute boy before the festivities began? I hear wedding bells already!

Celeb Attendee Lightening Round:

— Eva Longoria had a prime seat behind the President.

— Katy Perry paired her Rodarte coat with new boyfriend John Mayer at the inauguration, following her patriotic performance at the Kid’s Inaugural Concert on Saturday.

— John Legend and supermodel girlfriend Chrissy Teigen chatted with Former President Bill Clinton.

— Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Wilmer Valderrama and Darren Criss tweeted photos from the audience on the mall

So there you have it. Did you watch yesterday’s 57th Presidential Inauguration? What was your favorite part? Tell us in the comments — And while you’re at it, vote in today’s featured poll:

Which Inaugural Weekend performance would you want to attend?

Katy Perry (Kid’s Inaugural Concert)

Jennifer Hudson (Commander-in-Chief’s Ball)

Alicia Keys (Inaugural Ball)

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