Whoa, We’re Half Way There

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At this time every year, the dedicated, intelligent, good-looking staff over here at PCA headquarters sits down to think about everything that went right during our annual awards ceremony. While re-watching the show we pick out our favorite lines (mine was delivered, curiously, by Shemar Moore) we discuss who wore what (did you see the lovely Ellen Pompeo?) and we even start to say out loud what we might want to do differently next year (which may or may not involve more monkey suits). And at the core of all of our discussions is you – the fans.

Every year we try and raise the bar and develop more ways to celebrate you. And we are already thinking of new ways in which you guys can help us make big decisions that will impact the production of the show.  We encourage you to think about it too and use all the digital platforms at your disposal to continue telling us what you want. You can comment here on the blog, you can tell us via social media and, most importantly, you can continue to have your voice heard by participating in our daily polls. Especially now, as the rest of awards season plays out and the academies pick their winners, it is important to keep voicing your choice. Now speaking of awards show season, have you been watching?
I’d say the one element that all the awards shows this season have in common thus far is the winners. Jennifer Lawrence has won Best/Favorite Actress at three out of these four shows: People’s Choice, Critics’ Choice, Golden Globes, SAG. Daniel Day-Lewis has also nabbed three out of four, and so has Argo and Anne Hathaway. It sure does make what’s going to happen on Oscar night pretty predictable. Does that ruin it for you? Do you tune in no matter what to pick out your favorite lines, discuss who wore what and say out loud what you think the producers should do differently next year? Of course you do. You are entertainment lovers and this season is like your Christmas – only longer and not as cold, but still red and jolly.

What if you were the executive producer of the Academy Awards? Do you feel that the placement of the Oscars as the last show of awards season hurts it or helps it and, if the former, would you move it? As you know, the People’s Choice Awards is the first awards show of the season and though we honor different movies than our academy voted brethren, our celebs definitely overlap (see Jennifer Lawrence above or Sandra Bullock circa 2010.) So are you left with awards season fatigue by the time Oscar makes his debut, burnt out from speech after speech from the same pool of people? What if you were the executive producer of the Golden Globes? Would you stick to the same boring set they use year after year because you think it looks classy, or would you change it up like the People’s Choice Awards and Oscar telecasts usually do? Just some things to think about and, thanks to social media, talk about with millions of your closest friends.

Moving forward, we are about half-way through our beloved awards show season, with the NAACP Image Awards, Grammys, BAFTAs, Independent Spirit Awards and of course the Oscars still to come. Tell us up until this point, which has been your favorite awards show of 2013?
Critics’ Choice Awards
Golden Globe Awards
People’s Choice Awards
Screen Actors Guild Awards

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