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One small but integral part of working on the People’s Choice Awards business is making sure that everyone gets their beautiful, individually handcrafted, Waterford crystal trophies. This year we had 50 categories and, due to our two-hour time limit, were only able to hand out 14 to talent during the live show. That left 26 awards to distribute out to winners after the live telecast. It’s not rocket science by any means – we simply Fed-Ex the awards to the talent reps who take care of getting them into the hands of the actual winners. But my favorite part is when additional orders start to pour in. It really drives home how valuable movie studios, TV executives and music producers consider the awards that are bestowed by the fans. And it is always nice to know that the actual winners appreciate them too. One year, a certain PCA favorite obtained trophies for all his fellow cast members. What a nice gesture! I bring this topic up now because yesterday I processed the most recent order for the producers of the 2013 PCA Favorite Comedic Movie, Ted. Then last night, I came home to my husband watching another Mark Wahlberg movie, Contraband. Then I remembered that on Monday, my colleagues and I got into a discussion about the release date of yet another Mark Wahlberg film, The Basketball Diaries. It was April 1995 in case you were wondering. Considering the former Funky Bunch leader has had such a presence in my week – which my colleague might refer to as a cinematic convergence – I thought I would make this blog post a Mark Wahlberg love fest. Let’s discuss our favorite MW movies, shall we?

You know how sometimes you have love for movies and you just can’t explain why? This is my relationship with the movie Fear starring MW, Reese Witherspoon and Alyssa Milano. It’s the story of every father‘s worst nightmare. Young daughter meets a bad boy, falls in love, defies father, breaks up with bad boy prompting bad boy to shove severed dog head through doggie door and threaten the lives of young daughter’s entire family. It’s not realistic (see earlier reference to dog head) but it has a couple very memorable scenes, most specifically a roller coaster ride set to “Wild Horses” and when MW tatoos himself with a knife and pen ink on his chest. It is quite a deranged film and gives us a very mean, dangerous Mark.

I much prefer comedic Mark, like the one we get in the film The Other Guys. In this movie, Mark plays a tough, dedicated cop who is hungry to take down some bad guys opposite Will Ferrell’s innocent and paperwork-devoted cop. Mark shows off his perfect comedic timing, especially in his scenes with Will’s wife, played by Eva Mendez. In the movie, she is quite obviously out of Will’s league and Mark simply can’t wrap his head around how they could have ended up together. Mark and Will dazzle and I hope they decide to team up again soon.

Another Mark is the hopeless dreamer that we are treated to in the film Rock Star. A devoted fan of the rock and roll band Steel Dragon, Mark‘s dreams come true when he finds himself inducted into the band as their new lead singer. He and girlfriend Jennifer Aniston then embark on a true adventure as they discover what being a rock and roll idol really entails. It’s a wonderful feel good movie with an amazing soundtrack.  The movie is based on the true story of the heavy metal band Judas Priest.

Mark Wahlberg can play any role in Hollywood and he pretty much has. He can do the action hero like he did in The Italian Job. He can do the drug addict like he did in The Basketball Diaries. And he can do the good cop like he did in The Departed. All good movies, all different sides of the versatile Mark Wahlberg. Now tell us, which Mark Wahlberg character that I detailed above is your favorite?

The Bad Guy Fear
The Funny Guy – The Other Guys
The Hopeless Dreamer Rock Star

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