Skiing to the Music of the World…

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One of the most exciting parts about a ski trip is waking up in the cabin on a morning of a big ski day. There’s the smell of eggs and bacon on the stove, the sound of hurried footsteps echoing across the wood floors, the unspoken nervousness from the rookie skiers, and most importantly, the blaring music that gets everyone pumped up for a day on the slopes. No matter how many times I have experienced this chaos, for some reason it always feels like the very first time.

This past weekend I was in Lincoln, New Hampshire, for a few days of skiing at Loon Mountain. A friend rented a house and 17 of us decided to go for the ride. We had 5 people from Israel, 2 from Italy, 2 from Brazil, 1 from France, 1 from Argentina, and 7 from the United States. While I have certainly skied and partied with foreigners in the past, I have never had the pleasure of spending a weekend of skiing with this many – the result of which was a combination of incredible food and one heck of a morning playlist.

6:15AM was the call time for breakfast.

Considering most people went to bed at 4AM, it was a lofty goal; yet, by 6:30AM everyone in the house was in kitchen grabbing a bite to eat. The Argentinian and I were the first up and while he started the eggs, I took control of the music. Here’s what I played:

Coldplay: “Lost!”

Florence and the Machine: “Dog Days are Over”

Of Monsters and Men: “Little Talks”

The Black Keys: “Lonely Boys”

Icona Pop and Katy Perry: “I Don’t Care/Firework”

David Guetta ft. Sia: “Titanium”

By the final Guetta bar, one of the Italians woke up and I happily passed the music torch. Unbeknownst to most of the house, he moonlights as an electronic DJ in the city. He stepped up with his iPod, turned to the rest of us in the kitchen and simply said in broken English: Are you ready to rock?

Avicii: Baba O’Reily/Fade into Darkness

Adele, Sander Van Door, Torn Staar –Something about the Fire (Aylen remix)

Knife Party: Save the World (Remix)

Passion Pitt: Carried On (Tiesto Remix)

It was at this point that team Brazil graced the living room floor. While they enjoy a good amount of electronic, they couldn’t take the thumping base this early in the day. As they pulled the cord, you could hear the screams from the Israelis, the Italians, and a couple of us from the States. The result was an undistinguishable set of curse words.

These women love their Rihanna and looove their Beyonce. They also happen to love Michel Teló and Thiaguinho, but we nixed those pretty quickly. With smiles on their faces they stepped to the speakers and began their playlist. Unfortunately, as soon as they started “Run the World” by their queen, it was time to hit the slopes. Their screams were audible, but equally unrecognizable.

Their story did have a happy ending, though, since we were staying at the cabin for a few more days. The following morning it was their turn and, boy, was Rihanna loud.

I have to say, this past weekend was one of the most musically diverse and incredible weekends I have ever had. While the artists I named are recognizable, if you feel so inclined, check out some of the other music I heard this weekend: Moshe Perez, The Bloody Beatroots, Lykke Li and Vosci Rossi.

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