The show must go on…and on…and on…and on…

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It’s the day after the Academy Awards. Half of Hollywood is hung-over, while the other half is just going to bed after filing their stories and posting their slideshows. All of the entertainment industry, especially Mr. MacFarlane, is taking a collective deep breath – well except for the ABC execs who are waiting for the ratings information to come in. Say what you will about the production value, the Academy Awards truly are a powerful event, one to which companies tie product launches, careers are ignited and celebrities dazzle. But let’s get into the nitty gritty, shall we?

First the good – Seth MacFarlane made me laugh. Adele triumphed again and seemed genuinely honored to receive the Oscar for Best Original Song. The pool of talent on hand to present was top notch and the triple-punch of Nicholson, Streep and Obama to announce the last awards of the night was very impressive. I loved Wahlberg and Ted as presenters, and I genuinely had to look closely at the Ted character on the stool to see what format he was really in. Daniel Day-Lewis won, Argo won, and Jennifer Lawrence was so honestly nervous and overwhelmed by her win, that she fell. Not in a bad way. It was sweet. Jennifer Hudson was amazing and most definitely did not lip sync.

Now the questionable – Seth MacFarlane made me laugh about boobs. I didn’t like Adele’s performance of “Skyfall” because I couldn’t really hear her. I had to watch the triple-punch of presenters Nicholson, Streep and Obama this morning instead of last night because after three and a half hours, I couldn’t stay awake any longer. My biggest complaint about the Oscars this year was the length. No matter what the host does, no matter how many fun moments producers introduce in order to entertain us, I just can’t understand why it is OK to keep us up until midnight on a Sunday night. At least the Super Bowl has the decency to start at 6:30 so that there is time to wrap up the party and put away the dip after the fact. To make Ben Affleck rush through his speech after waiting 3 and a half hours to give it is not fair to him or the viewers who have been waiting three and a half hours to hear it. I don’t know what the answer is. But the organizers have to do something to address this issue. What if they split the ceremony into two nights, book-ending a festival that screened all the nominated works? What if they produced a taped 2-hour segment based on the live show that still took place, but off-air. I know what I am suggesting would be considered treason but nothing is sacred. Producers should take a page out of Nielsen’s silver lining playbook (they have finally announced that they are going to take other devices into consideration regarding viewer habits) and switch it up. Because to me, it doesn’t matter how fabulous the host is (I really do think Seth did a good job), or how amazing the talent pool was (Aniston, McCarthy, Bullock, oh my!) because at the end of the day, I’m just too tired to care.

Well, now I feel bad that the questionable paragraph is longer than the good paragraph because as you know, we here at the People’s Choice Awards love awards shows and it is very easy to be a Monday-morning-quarterback. It think the evening has to be considered a success because beautiful people put on beautiful dresses and were presented with beautiful trophies – and the lights stayed on. Until the powers-that-be walk the plank and make a serious change, I think last night’s show was as good as it’s going to get. And really, what am I, not going to tune-in? Now tell us, which of these moments from last night’s Oscar telecast was your favorite?

Adele’s “Skyfall” performance
Barbra Streisand’s In Memoriam performance
Chicago/Dream Girls/Les Miserables’ mash-up performance
Seth MacFarlane’s Opening Number (feat. Gordon-Levitt, Radcliffe, Tatum, Theron)

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