A Mad Amount of Hair

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“Mad Mania” returned last night on AMC with its usual poetic dialogue, suicidal themes, tastes of adultery, and a whole lot of hair. In what I like to call the hair-isode, last night’s premiere was filled with mustaches, beards, dyed tresses, mutton chops, and hairlines that just keep getting farther and farther back. Though we have only been away from our favorite agency members for about a year, the hairstyles of the 60s have firmly taken hold in Sterling Cooper Draper Price and Holloway. Let’s take a look:

Harry Crane (Rich Sommer)

He may not have been the most memorable character of the show, but his hairdo was clearly the best. Did he fall in love with Joe Cocker over the break? His long side burns were not doing him any justice and sadly I don’t think they ever will. I give him props for trying to make it work, but I honestly don’t see anything good coming from the long burns. Quick Question: Were sideburns ever sexy?

Michael Ginsberg (Ben Feldman)

The young creative wizard returned to the show with Ringo Starr’s mustache and I didn’t hate it. In fact, I kinda loved it. If there was anyone I was hoping would sport the 60s stash, apart from Don of course, it was him. Is it a bad thing to want to grow out my mustache now?

Abe Drexler (Charlie Hofheimer)

Peggy Olson’s main squeeze returned almost unrecognizable with a grizzly Jerry Garcia look. I could not believe it was the same person and was forced to use IMDB for confirmation. I cringed watching him bob his head to music and I really hope we won’t have to endure his mane for much longer. Please shave the beard Abe, it looks awful.

Betty Francis (January Jones)

The most identifiable change in the series came from one of the most hated characters on the show. In one of the final scenes, Betty returns home with dyed brown hair. It is safe to say that the beautiful Betty is never coming back and I am a bit about it. Not, really,  I just don’t like Betty Francis.

Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser)

Does he even have hair on both sides of his head anymore? I totally get that he is getting older and that his hair is getting thinner, but this hairline thing is getting ridiculous. Just take a look at these two pictures and then tell me that it’s not over the top (Season 1 vs. Season 6) . Come on Matthew Weiner, you are better than this.

So there is my list of looks from last night’s hair-isode. Feel free to use the comment section to talk about your favorite moment from last night’s premiere. For today’s poll, tell us which member of the Mad Men cast is your favorite?

Don Draper (Jon Hamm)

Roger Sterling (John Slattery)

Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks)

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss)

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