The First Hundred Days

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As my colleague so eloquently stated in yesterday’s blog post, summer is right around the corner. Here’s my reaction to that, taking a page out of the equally eloquent Liz Lemon: “What the What?” How the heck did that happen so fast!? I have yet to put away my woolen wears and I am tragically unprepared to start wearing the revealing clothing that the summer heat requires of us. But there is no denying it, as the calendar doesn’t lie. We are in mid April, folks, which means the first 100 days of 2013 are behind us. We here at People’s Choice headquarters are constantly monitoring Nielsen ratings, box office figures and Billboard stats to keep aware of what shows, movies and artists you the fans will ultimately choose to become our nominees. So lets do a quick recap of the stand out movies, music and TV stars who will most likely be top of mind for you come voting season this fall.

I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet that Oz the Great and Powerful will see one, if not many, nominations come November. It currently has the highest weekend debut of 2013 at just over $79 million, and after 4 weeks is totaling close to $214 million. I can’t tell if you guys will pick James Franco as a Favorite Movie Actor nominee, but I suspect you will show some love to either Mila, Rachel or Michelle in the Favorite Movie Actress category. The question will be: which witch will you choose?

Identity Thief, while not the recipient of a box-office shattering opening weekend, definitely stands out thus far as a fan favorite with over $131 million in ticket sales. And I can’t blame you. We here are huge fans of what those two comedians accomplished in that hilarious tale of friendship and I will be shocked – SHOCKED I tell you – if Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman aren’t in contention for Favorite Comedic Movie Actress and Actor.

The Croods, with over $127 million in box office thus far, should definitely be a 2014 People’s Choice Awards nominee but the question is: in what category? As you know, you guys will have the chance to vote on which categories to keep and even introduce some new ones come September, so if you think The Croods deserves a spot in the Favorite Movie category, it shall be so. But if you see fit to bring back the Favorite Family Movie category, we can discuss that too. You also might choose to nominate the voices from this film, ’cause let me tell you there are a ton! Just like you bestowed Johnny Depp with the honor of Favorite Animated Movie Voice in 2012, you may choose to honor Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone or Ryan Reynolds with the same distinction in 2014. Only time will tell.

Now onto music. “Suit & Tie,” the hit single from Justin Timberlake’s long awaited third studio album, The 20/20 Experience, only peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts, but with JT’s fanbase and popularity, I’d say it’s enough to get him nominated in the Favorite Male Artist category. Will you choose to honor the song, too, even though it hasn’t become an instant classic, like some of JT’s previous works? I’ll be interested to see if the album rises, and if you even decide to keep Favorite Album as a category.

Paramore definitely seems slated to become a PCA nominee once again as their self titled album continues to climb charts and generate buzz. Considering you guys voted them Favorite Rock Band two years in a row in 2010 and 2011, perhaps you will choose to do that again. But, of course, only if you choose to bring back that category. So many choices to make!

At the beginning of 2013, Rihanna released “Stay” as the second single from her seventh studio album Unapologetic. The single made it to #3 on the Billboard top 100. Since Rihanna is a 5 time PCA winner, I bet you will find it in your hearts to nominate her for multiple categories again this year.

Now, let’s discuss your favorite TV shows of 2013. Not surprisingly, a lot of the top rated shows on TV right now are all prior PCA winners and/or nominees. Modern Family, American Idol and How I Met Your Mother continue to earn top ratings week after week and it seems pretty likely that you will choose once again to nominate the talented actors, actresses and judges from those shows. There is a LOT of good stuff on TV these days, making the nightly decision of what to watch that much harder. I will be interested to see if you stay true to your favorites by nominating 6 time PCA winner Supernatural again or if you will give someone else a chance?

So, those are just some pop culture tidbits to consider as we make our way into the next 100 days of 2013. I’m already looking forward to seeing what direction you the fans will take the People’s Choice Awards next year. Now tell us, which of these top grossing box office hits from 2013 so far is your favorite?

The Croods
Identity Thief
Oz the Great and Powerful

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