GQ: The Stress Reliever

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Everyone handles stress differently. There is no formula for relief , but at some point in your life you just figure out what works. Some people take out their frustrations with a carton of ice cream, others cry until all the stress puddles on the floor, and still others take to hitting a punching bag or going to the gym to sweat out the anxiety. This weekend I discovered that mysource relief is nothing more than sun and the latest GQ.

Having had a pretty awful Saturday morning, I needed a way to get my anxiety out, My leg started its usual nervous tick and I was getting more and more frustrated at everything around me. I tried my usual stress relievers:  I went for a run with This American life playing in the background; sparred with the punching bag at my gym; and finally, ate a bloody red steak for lunch. Sadly, none of it worked.

As I perused my local CVS looking for a box of Oreos (my childhood stress reliever), I came across the latest editionof Gentleman’s Quarterly. This month, I they provided three cover options. Bruno Mars, Jason Bateman or Jimmy Fallon.

I chose Mr. Bateman.

I returned home to my demolished apartment, brought a chair out onto my balcony (a.k.a my fire escape) and didn’t return inside until every page was read. What I learned was that people with a lot of money are very bored. One article was about people spending upwards of $1500 to be fake kidnapped and tortured. Another was about the growing style battle amongst NBA stars. And finally, a feature chronicled how the author of Friday Night Lights has nothing better to do than to buy eighty-one leather jackets in less than 2 years.

While I should have been fuming from reading about all of this nonsense, I realized that by the end I was pretty happy. In fact, it finally occurred to me why people love reading US Weekly or OK! magazine. There is something about reading about other people’s craziness that is a whole lot of fun. Sure, it must be nice to have all of that money to spend, but your life cannot be that great if you are actually paying to be tied up and beaten.

This news may not be all that exciting, but I genuinly believe that reading about another person’s attempts at stress relief can help you work through your own/ So for those of you battling with a case of the Monday’s take a few moments to  read a gossip magazine. From someone who avoided them his who life – I am confident that it will help

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