People’s Choice Awards: Up for a Webby!

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We know awards. We live them and breathe them all year and we follow them closely each step of the way. No matter which awards show, we know the value of each and every one and like to stay in the know about how talented people are being recognized across the board. We kick off red carpet season and all throughout the rest of the year we watch with excitement as each ceremonial honoring of the very best takes place. We happen to honor the favorites in movies, music and TV, but we are no strangers to all the other greatness happening in the world. Which is why we were beyond thrilled to learn that our very own People’s Choice Awards iPhone App – the one that enables you to effortlessly cast your votes anywhere, anytime – is up for a Webby Award! That’s right, folks, we are not ones to toot our own horns, but we are making an exception (toot! toot!) because we a) are very proud of our accomplishments and b) we need YOUR help! (More on that later.)

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Webbys, they are essentially the very best of the Web, which this day and age can mean anything from a cool website to an ingenious social media campaign to a fancy mobile app, and everything in between. It’s a way to shine a light on the most creative, intuitive, forward thinking and thought provoking “stuff” in the interactive world. That’s a pretty wide net to cast… which is all the more reason we are beyond excited.

Now here’s where you come in: the Webbys have what’s called the “People’s Voice” award (not to be confused with the award of the very same name that vocal powerhouse Christina Aguilera received at our 2013 show) so we are reaching out to enlist all of our fans to help us bring home the trophy! After all these years of us enabling you to decide which of your favorites get to win, we’re hoping you might be willing to return the favor and make us the “People’s Choice” er, “People’s Voice” for Best Mobile App in the Webby’s Entertainment category. We think it’s a reasonable request, and we’re hoping you’ll feel the same.

It’s incredibly easy to do – simply go to this website, log in (you can use your Facebook or Twitter account, which makes it super painless) cast your vote, and then share with your friends. We’ll be forever grateful.

Win or lose, we will always deliver the best possible ways for you to keep voting for your favorites in movies, music and TV in the years to come.

Now voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of the features of the Webby nominated People’s Choice iPhone App is your favorite?

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