Limerick for Lauryn

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Lauryn-HillThere once was a young girl named Lauryn
Who really could sing like a siren
She starred in a movie
And became a Fugee
And from then on was known for her rhymin’

She put out her Miseducation
It took off and spread ‘cross the nation
She was top of the charts
She touched all our hearts
With her beautiful joy for her Zion

Now she’s a little bit older
And Zion has sisters and brothers
But mommy’s been bad
And they’ll all be sad
When she’s locked up for three months at Rikers*

I mean, really Lauryn? Should we all simply stop paying our taxes because it’s a system that’s been “imposed” on us? A system that, by the way, allowed you to skyrocket to fame and make your millions? And then to compare the imposition of having to pay taxes to… slavery? On behalf of all oppressed people of the past and present, may I just say, “??????!!!!!!”

Honestly, I could not have been a bigger fan of hers and always looked up to her as an incredible talent with a strong message and a beautiful passion for life. Now I can’t help but feel embarrassed for and disappointed in her. What is with the rich and famous trying to duck out of paying taxes? I just don’t get it.

“Lauryn, baby, use your head” may not have resonated with her when she got pregnant back in the day, but she certainly could have used a little tough love about her more recent choices in life.

Ready or not, Lauryn, it’s time to face the music.

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Member of the Fugees
Solo Artist

*I know she’s not going to Rikers, but my limerick was begging for it!

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