Can’t Keep A Good CTU Agent Down: The Return of 24 and Jack Bauer

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And so it has begun! The 2013-14 television season is being birthed in earnest as we recover from last week’s bloody cancellation of over twenty failed shows by the big four (and little one) broadcast networks. They are making way for shinier, newer and hopefully more successful offerings that are to restore our faith in broadcast television again.

Most of the hard decisions were made late last week in a flurry of life affirming pilot pick-ups and deadly swinging of the cancellation axe. By the weekend most people were trying to decide if it was worth watching the series finales of Vegas and Touch or if they should start reading up on Kass Morgan’s The 100 book series since it is now a bona fide show on The CW come this fall.

While I lost two shows I was pulling hard for (I’ll miss you Guys With Kids and Deception!) my grief was very short-lived. I rejoiced when news broke that a show long dead (3 years to be exact) was to be resurrected to live and entertain me another day:  The Jack Bauer Power Hour, aka, 24.

To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement. I squealedlike a teenager. I posted the news on social media to alert the masses that Jack was back (no maybe about it!). Myfriends congratulated me on the return of the show over wihch they knew I was a wee bit unhealthily obsessed. I even called my Dad to let him know that 24 was coming back to television to which his reply was:  “Good, now we can get Jack Bauer Kiefer instead of Touchy feely Kiefer.”

I know it’s only a  show, but good television can sometimes make or break one’s day. Tell me that during Lost or some other beloved show’s heyday you didn’t wake up in the morning and think to yourself ‘Today’s LOST day!’ and spring out of bed with just a little more pep in your step because you knew that no matter what happened that day, you had an awesome episode of Lost to look forward to that night. No? Really? And you call yourself a TV fanatic.

But seriously, it tells you the state of the television industry when the majority of online opinion about a show being resurrected was ‘Whaaaat? When? Count me in!’ and ‘This is the best idea ever!’  There hasn’t been a show quite like 24 to fill the soap-opera-on-crack void; Homeland has come close, but Carrie Mathieson and Nicholas Brody are no Jack Bauer. FOX, in their infinite wisdom, admit when they’ve made a mistake (much like with the resurrection of Family Guy), and need some juice in their 2013-14 primetime schedule. They moved quickly to appease Kiefer after the cancellation of Touch (and I do mean quickly, the announcement for the return of 24 came 2 hours after the cancellation of Touch) and have decided to bring 24 back as a limited event series for May 2014.

Will it be 24 one hour episodes to comprise a 24 hour day? No, it’ll be 12 episodes.

Will it be in real time? No

Will it have Chloe and Tony and Kim Bauer back? We don’t know (although with Happy Endings cancelled, Elisha Cuthbert IS available)

Do I care about any of the above? No. Well, I’d like Chloe back, but it’s not a deal breaker for me if she doesn’t return’. Unless she’s been killed off. At which point I will be torching all my 24 DVDs.

But it’s too soon to buy the lighter fluid and matches since we don’t know what awaits the CTU faithful in May 2014.  Could be that Renee Walker didn’t’ die after all and she and Jack are gun packing mercenaries for hire or married with a couple of kids. Could be Jack’s trotting around Europe kicking sex traffickers’ butts when Liam Neeson isn’t. Could be Jack is preparing to break his “ride or die” BFF Chloe O’Brien out of prison after she was arrested for aiding his escape from authorities in the final season.  Whatever he’s up to, I can’t wait to find out and hear that ‘beep…boop…beep…boop…’ one more time.

POLL Question: 24 is coming back! what other television show should get a surprise resurrection?




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