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Film and fashion have always had an intrinsic link. From the early films of the 50s’ like The King and I and Some like it Hot to the modern films of today like The Great Gatsby and The Place Beyond the Pines, film has always been the instrument through which designers could express their styles. However, unlike the films of old, where the styles were constrained to the actors on-screen or the celebrities on the red carpet, today, we are seeing more and more “film fashion” hit the streets. Designers are not just creating outfits that are similar to the styles seen in the films or television shows today, but instead are curating entire lines to match the exact outfits we ooed and ahhed at during the premiere. For today’s blog, I will look at some of those films and television shows, which I believe have had the most impact on today’s style.

While high fashion is still predominately geared towards women, Mad Men in 2007 really changed how fashion houses approached their designs for the modern man. Gone was the idea that only Wall Street bankers would want to wear three piece suits with pocket squares. Suddenly, every man in New York wanted to look like Don Draper and Roger Sterling. The Ashton Kutcher trucker hats and ripped jeans of the ‘00s were discarded for pocket squares and tapered pants, and fashion for your everyday man really started to take off. In fact in 2012, Banana Republic created the Mad Men line which featured trim cut suits modeled after your favorite character from the show and magazines started writing articles in terms of Mad Men fashion.  While of course, women still play a huge part in curating their husband’s wardrobes, I don’t believe any woman would have been able to dress their man in tapered pants with skinny ties had it not been for the show.

(Even more, this trend does appear to be waning as Brooks Brothers recently premiered their Great Gatsby line in hopes of piggy backing on the hype of the film. I for one, am hoping this style does not catch on because do we really want to see people dressed like this?)

While men’s fashion can be clearly traced to specific shows, women’s fashion is not as easy to pinpoint. From the perspective of a man in his twenties, I believe the styles of today can be traced to a combination of 500 Days of Summer, Sex and the City and The Notebook. While they might appear be to be different (especially since The Notebook is supposed to take place in the 1940s) I guarantee that the combination of the three, is a perfect illustration of the style today. For example, Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer is the epitome of nerdy chic, and wears a combination of subtle floral patterns, high waisted shorts, and paisley sun dresses throughout the film. Take a look at any street in Brooklyn today, and I guarantee you will see this exact look.

While most of the everyday outfits that Rachel McAdams wore in The Notebook may not be on display on the harsh pavement of the city, her swimwear is a different story. One piece bikinis, retro polka dots, and vintage bandeaus are back in a big way. Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Rihanna have all been spotted wearing some version of this type of swimwear, and stores ranging from Urban Outfitters to Burberry are displaying these outfits on a pretty regular basis.

Finally, Sex and the City style is what every woman who loves fashion tries to emulate. From the wild day outfits from designer/costumer Patricia Fields, to the gorgeous evening dresses made famous by Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City style will never go out of fashion. Ballet or tutu dresses can be seen on almost every corner during a weekend in New York, and a statement coat paired with sexy heels is a part of every fashionable woman’s wardrobe today.

So there is my take on which shows have impacted today’s style. Feel free to use the comment section below to express your opinion on my views or feel free to simply throw out your own suggestions as to where you think the style of today is coming from. For today’s poll, tell us which outfit from last night’s Billboard Music Awards is your favorite?

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