A Cure for the Post May Finale Blues: Summer 2013 TV

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Wednesday, May 22nd is the official end of May sweeps and most, if not all, of the fall season’s offerings will have bowed out with either an awesome cliffhanger, a series finale resolution, or something in between.

A few years ago, the end of the official broadcast season would’ve left me sad and restless, a condition I call the “Post May Finale Blues.” For the better part of ten months, we’ve been conditioned to look forward to next week’s episode, the next story twist, the next cliffhanger and resolution. During the gaps in between, we’d be satiated by the plethora of entertainment television coverage which gives us viewers that happy endorphin rush, until the ‘conclusion’ of the television season culminated in a happy ending. And then, the cycle starts all over again as we wait over three months to get that next hit.

My worst “Post May Finale Blues” hit me after watching the season one finale of Angel. One minute I was stoked over a satisfying finale that set things up nicely for a second season and then the next second I was slouched on my couch, perturbed that with the end of Angel for the season, I had nothing to look forward to in the immediate television future.

Sure, I could read or watch DVDs or venture off the couch to get a life (at least for the summer) but, breaking that TV addiction is hard to do! I was in need of fresh, new appointment TV to fill my summer calendar when I wasn’t checking out the new offerings at the movie theater. At the time there was little to help take the edge off my TV withdrawal so I had to make do with a LOT of experimental UPN summer series and cable cast offs.

But these days there is a cornucopia of summer television offerings so that one need not suffer the Post May Finale Blues at all, or at least not so serious a case that you fill in those empty hours reading TV-show-related-fan-fiction to fill the void. Not that fan fiction is bad but, rather quite a lot of fun as long as you resist getting sucked into the shipper’dom.

The networks — broadcast and cable alike — wisely began programming original fare. At first it wasn’t so bad, then it got pretty darn good to the point that you can pretty much have a summer TV schedule to keep those cranky withdrawal pangs away. This summer, I’ve already planned out a nice little calendar of offerings, new and returning, to transition me out of May and well into June:

  • To give me my zany comedy Archer fix I’ve got FOX’s The Goodwin Games and Netflix’s Arrested Development to tide me over.  While Goodwin is basically a pre-cancelled comedy series (it was picked up last pilot season, given a handful of episodes, only to have FOX say, yeah, we’re dumping you in the Summer) with a solid cast and a 6 episode commitment. Meanwhile, the return of the maladjusted Bluths I can savor at my leisure on Netflix.
  • While my favorite Person of Interest ex-spy John Reese is taking a much needed break, my other favorite, ex-spy, Michael Weston, is gearing up for his seventh and final season on USA network’s Burn Notice which returns on June 6th.
  • With Vampire Diaries Stefan Salvatore SPOILER ALERT! chilling out in a watery grave due to his doppelganger Silas getting the upper hand on him, I’ll table trying to figure out what happens next by getting my supernatural fix through some Teen Wolf craziness on MTV.
  • Season three of Falling Skies (June 9th ) will do nicely for a humans vs. monsters dilemma until The Walking Dead returns.
  • When I’m in the mood for a Dallas or Revenge type of soap opera I’ve got ABC’s second coming of Desperate Housewives, aka, Mistresses.
  • Gritty ‘Ripper Street’ like period drama? Got me the Civil War era detective drama, Copper, on BBC begin on June 23rd.
  • Ever a fan of animated super hero action series, Disney XD offers up a new Avenger cartoon, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble. If it is as good as Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes (which was pretty darned good) it should make Sunday mornings a great way to start the week. Even if it doesn’t have Ant-Man or Wasp in the line-up.
  • And last but not least, I have the leftovers of the fall 2012-13 season — in other words the cancelled TV shows that are getting the Saturday night burn off: ABC is nice enough to run the remaining episodes of 666 Park Avenue and Zero Hour beginning June 15th while NBC will burn off Do No Harm starting June 29th. Now if only CBS would just throw up the remaining episodes of Partners, I’d be a happy camper.

Which television show premiering this June are you most excited for?

Falling Skies

Burn Notice

Teen Wolf

Zero Hour

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