VMAs 2013: Miley Cyrus, what went wrong?

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‘N Sync may have stolen the show during last night’s Video Music Awards, but it’s Miley Cyrus’ teddy-clad, tongue-wagging, twerked-out performance of “We Can’t Stop” that seems to have generated the most buzz (and in some cases, outrage).

It’s not exactly surprising to see a pop star give a provocative performance, in fact, often it’s expected and even embraced. So, why is Miley (who was joined on-stage by “Blurred Lines” singing Robin Thicke) getting so much heat? From fans on social media, to Rihanna, and One Direction, everyone seems to have an opinion about the former Hannah Montana star. In a poll conducted on PeoplesChoice.com, nearly 70 percent of fans said they didn’t like Miley’s performance and it was out of control.

So, you tell us. Why did or didn’t you like it? Do you think Miley is being judged too harshly?

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