JC Chasez says Justin Timberlake reunited ‘N Sync; explains why the performance was so short

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If you’re still squealing over ‘N Sync’s mini-reunion at the VMAs on Sunday, you have Justin Timberlake to thank.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, bandmate JC Chasez revealed that Timberlake reached out to him and the other members to get the group back together for the award show.

“Literally just a few days ago, Justin gave me a buzz and he said, ‘Hey man listen, I’m getting this award and they have given me a pile of time to perform, and you know we started our careers at MTV and I think we should get the band back together,” said Chasez, who also explained why the performance was so short. “It really was about [Justin] and all that he’s accomplished, but you know he wanted to acknowledge that part of his career and so we all decided to do it.”

Chasez told Seacrest that it felt like “no time had passed” between the members. “We all see each other at different times and working on different things but this is the first time that we had a rehearsal together in over 10 years,” said Chasez. “Everybody’s going, ‘Can we go through this slowly one more time?’ So, that part of it was pretty funny.”

Don’t hold out hope for a reunion tour though. Said Chasez: “No, look, I’m just kind of enjoying it right now. It was just about five guys who were great friends who spent 10 or 15 years together touring and we also were there mainly to support Justin.”

Obviously, we weren’t expecting ‘N Sync to embark on a world tour, but now that we know the VMA performance was likely their last together, should it have been longer? Or, are you glad they kept it short and sweet (and pretty much mistake-free)? Sound off below.

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